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client stories startup scouting

Read below our client stories! Testimonials on how the start-up scouting services of Novable benefit its clients.

As Jeff Tonnar, innovation manager at Aguettant explains: “We use Novable, mainly, to find new ideas and partners. This contributes greatly to my role as innovation manager; it contributes to identifying unmet needs”.

Etex use of Novable’s services has to do with the fact that innovative companies provided by the platform based on specific briefings are efficient and relevant. Additionally, the startup scouting tool has well-designed ergonomics and features.

Mr. Boisvert also stressed the importance of the combination of artificial and human intelligence as “a big part of our great relationship is the very good support of the team”.

Whitespace - RR - BP
Liam Webber, Innovation Outreach at Whitespace, talks collaboration with RR Defence and BP, and the role played by Novable in the process.
Engie Global Energy Management Solutions
Find out how Engie was able to boost the journey toward corporate innovation thanks to efficient startup scouting techniques!
Whitespace for UK government agency
Whitespace boosted the rate of companies relevant for their client thanks to Novable. AI and human expertise at work to boost innovation!
H2 startup scouting
Using Novable, H2 discovered new and more efficient scouting methods, new products, and ingredients for their innovation projects.
Almacube sustainable innovation
Almacube use case gives you an overview of how the scouting journey at Novable develops. AI and human expertise at work to boost innovation!
Orange Fab startup scouting
Discover how Orange Fab uses Novable startup scouting services to diversify its business and reach corporate innovation
Realco for corporate innovation
Realco uses Novable's platform to reach their objectives, stay ahead and monitor their company's and technology's environment
Etex startup scouting
Discover how Etex finds relevant information and startups to partner with directly thanks to Novable
Aguettant startup scouting
Read about Aguettant, one of Novable's clients, and about how they use startup scouting to achieve an efficient innovation strategy