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At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.

John ChambersCisco Chairman
Startup scouting - Novable
Make Innovation more visible - Innovation Scouting - Novable

Today’s world needs innovation, especially in these troubled times. The world needs positive innovation and speed. We believe that frictionless innovation flows create better opportunities at scale, not only for the sake of companies, but for the whole society.

Innovation-at-scale almost always passes through corporate innovation. Small, agile organisations are required to spark new ideas and technologies, while industrial power is required to industrialise them.

We want the best of those two worlds brought together. We are technology optimists. We believe that tech innovation can contribute to solving major societal issues and world problems, provided that enough industrial power is injected into the process.

We envision a world where innovation and industry powers connect seamlessly and globally, to speed up the world’s transformation. 

Innovation hides everywhere, not only in high-visibility startups and hot ecosystems. Novable mission is to make innovation more visible and… more innovative, by connecting external innovation to industrial strategies.

Innovation lies everywhere – our mission is to reach all innovation sources and connect them with those who need them.

We want to reach unchartered territories where innovation goldmines are not drilled yet.

We want to make innovation flows more fluid, and contribute to a frictionless value chain.

Currently focusing on startups, our mission will soon extend to reach other innovation sources, both in typology and in geographies.


The Novable technology that matches, deeply.

DeepMatching™ is a breed of advanced data science algorithms, pushing the limits of natural language processing and machine-learning, and especially trained on startups and innovation datasets. 

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Meet our team

The Novablers

Laurent Kinet

Laurent Kinet


Co-founder and CEO, focussing on the corporate strategy, high-level partnerships and business development, putting his long-lasting entrepreneurship experience at work for Novable.

Olivier Beaujean

Olivier Beaujean


Co-founder and COO, taking care of operations, HR and finance – and also contributing to most strategic topics, with a focus on efficiency, governance and fun.

Yann Balbaert

Yann Balbaert

Sales Director

With an extensive background in digital strategy, Yann perfectly understands our customers’ innovation projects and turn them into perfect briefings.

Novable - Timoté Geimer

Timoté Geimer

Product Lead

Timoté is an experienced Product Lead who brings his extensive experience with product strategy and roadmap.

Giovanni Salazar @ Novable

Giovanni Salazar

Data Engineer

#BI #ETL #Python #Linux #Docker #ELK #SQL #NoSQL #NLP #NLU #Web Scraping #Cloud – are some of the tags defining Giovanni, building the Novable infrastructure.

Thibault Dory

Thibault Dory

Head of Technology

A technology passionate supporting our data scientists in setting up a proper and scalable tech environment as well as in automating the whole value chain, from data collection to insights rendering.

Karim Hosny - novable.com

Karim Hosny

Client Success Manager

From chemistry to customer satisfaction, Karim brings his experience in R&D and client service to Novable, and makes sure that our users are properly onboarded and supported during their entire innovation scouting journey with Novable.

Adrien Lebrun

Adrien Lebrun

Advisor - Chief Product Officer @ Cluepoints

A senior product leader who loves to work at the crossroads of product, UX and technology, advising Novable with insights on product development and roll-out.

Frédéric Helleputte

Frédéric Helleputte

Advisor - Associate Partner @ Resultance

Experienced manager with INSEAD MBA and proven track record in strategy & organisation, operations, innovation, and delivering results in complex environments.

Christophe de Rassenfosse

Christophe de Rassenfosse

Advisor - Chief Product Officer @ StepStone Group

Christophe’s experience with product management at StepStone Group is a tremendous help for Novable’s technical and functional developments.

Louis de Viron

Louis de Viron

NLP Engineer

Louis is a recognised expert in Natural Language Processing. He designs and builds algorithms for Novable’s Deep-Matching technology.

Leyla Damoisaux-Delnoy

Leyla Damoisaux-Delnoy

Data Scientist

Combining her computer science skills with her business engineering background, Leyla contributes to the data science development at Novable, with a deep sense of integrity and ethics.

Fernando Collado

Fernando Collado

Full-stack developer

Fernando takes care of the Novable’s customer platform from head to toes: front-end, back-end, administration interfaces and links with our Deep-Matching back box.