Enable innovation through Startup relations.

Novable allows companies to drive innovation by identifying the most relevant startups for their strategic agenda thanks to an AI-based innovation scouting technology.

Our technology will be released during the Summer of 2020, but you can already test it as an early-bird customer for a fraction of the price and a lifetime discount.

Prepare for the future, engage in the Corporate Innovation trend
and avoid the doomed fate of the following companies:
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Innovation Discovery

Novable is a platform surfacing your top-matching startups thanks to personalised machine-learning models.

Keep an eye on emerging trends

Startups are a glimpse of your future - anticipate industry moves and outpace your competition thanks to the best-fitting startups, just pushed to you.

Startup Engagement

Novable helps companies with first-line research on potentially fitting startups thanks to a Deep-Dive Analysis program saving .

Access to Startup analysts

Request Novable experts to engage with the best startups out there through deep-dive analyses, anonymous connections, pre-due diligence or corporate venturing activities.

Never miss an opportunity again.

Who wants to be the Nokia of his industry? Don't be that one. Startups help you to understand your industry's innovation path, to partner with young professionals shaping the future, to invest in your potential disruption, or to buy the speedboat you need to stay ahead of your market.


Tech Startups Worldwide


B2B Startups

We are offering our technology to early-bird customers.

In order to fine-tune our AI platform, we are looking for corporate partners who have an interest in corporate venturing, startups and innovation, to test the technology with their own strategy and criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the people we meet at the beginning of this new venture ask us some very relevant questions. We give some public answers below. Contact us for more details.

You provide us with your innovation strategy and thematics you are interested in through a first meeting. We configure our algorithms to match your input. You will benefit from the results for a fraction of the price. Later on, you will get a lifetime discount on your subscription if you remain a customer. Of course, all information and material will be under NDA.

Our platform is made of machine learning algorithms working on existing data enriched through web crawling, natural language processing and matchmaking techniques. In addition, we ensure the final mile with human vetting.

A yearly subscription grants access to our AI platform pushing the best-fitting startups to your dashboard and providing workflow actions. On top of that, you have access to our our Deep-Dive Analysis program to help you research and scrutinise the startups you think fitting. Think of Novable as the Gartner of startups, or the Bloomberg of innovation 🙂

Novable is funded by its founders until go-to-market. In that context, we are preparing a fund raising campaign. Contact us for more information.

We are from Belgium, and working throughout Europe.

Yes, we are hiring data scientists, data analysts and account managers. Please refer to this platform to apply.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: [email protected]

NOVABLE allows companies to drive innovation by identifying the most relevant startups for their strategic agenda thanks to an AI-based innovation scouting technology.


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