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Here is the fastest AI-powered startup scouting platform on earth, connecting you with the best startups to drive innovation, growth and transformation – using artificial intelligence and human expertise.


Wherever external
innovation is needed

Innovation-led initiatives are now required in most corporate functions; turning to startups and open innovation is now the best way to monitor a specific topic or industry, identify acquisition targets, find innovative partners to solve new problems, test new products, infuse an innovation culture, stay at the forefront of your business, outsmart your competition – ensure an efficient innovation supply chain.

Startup Scouting

Direct access to the best
innovations worldwide

Submit a search in natural language, follow the guide and get immediate and personalised results matching your needs. Say goodbye to generic long lists, say hello to Golden Baskets. Filter out the noise, get only what matters to you, Save hundreds of hours, let us do the dirty work for you

Novable Startup Scouting Platform

Innovation & R&D

Explore, discover, get inspired, anticipate threats, find opportunities, identify potential partners, monitor any topic or your competition… set up permanent radars and fuel up your corporate innovation.

AI-powered Scouting Novable


Find the best partner

Run surgical campaigns to identify companies offering what you’re looking for, including alternatives, substitutes and related products or solutions.


Identify your next strategic partners fulfilling new kinds of procurement needs, solve new problems with innovative solutions, extend your supply reach to innovation ecosystems, find your needle in our haystack.


Build a permanent and qualified deal flow for your investment thesis, explore new themes from entrepreneurs’ perspectives, monitor your investments and bring insights around board meeting tables.

AI-powered Innovation Scouting Novable


Scan a given environment

Configure your permanent radars on specific industries, locations, themes, technologies or topics and receive notifications when a new player falls into your scope.

Partnerships & M&A

Find innovative companies to partner with, test new products, technology or models, engage with emergent players in strategic fields or other locations, target the best candidates for external growth.

Novable AI-powered Startup Scouting


Monitor competition/portfolio

Have your automatic lookout in a lighthouse watching the horizon for threats, opportunities, new entrants and any signal impacting your business.


Find perfect clones

Run lookalike searches from any company and get a comprehensive list of close comparables based on their actual business activity.

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Curious about how can and AI-powered startup scouting platform like Novable help you scout startups and boost your corporate innovation?

One-click access to 2 million innovative companies.

AI-powered Innovation Scouting

A smart combination of
technology and expertise

Novable gives you access to the fastest corporate venturing platform on earth, complementing our AI-powered matching engine (DeepMatching ™) with the expertise of a dedicated team going the extra mile to deliver you with in-depth validation and vetting solutions.

AI-powered Startup Scouting Novable
AI-powered Startup Scouting platform Novable

Tailored Scouting Campaigns

No time to dedicate to your campaigns? The Novable team leverages our own technology on your behalf and delivers you the cream of the crop, so that you get  the top-fitting candidates only – leaving you the final cut.

AI-powered Startup Scouting with Novable

Interactive OnePagers

Receive in a matter of days detailed information packages on companies that interest you, including non-public data and business evaluation insights coming directly from startup founders.

Bespoke Reports & Workshops

The easiest way to grasp new domains, technologies or topics through the prism of those who actually get their hands dirty: startups and entrepreneurs. Get illustrated overviews through reports or exclusive workshops.

Novable Agents

Have your personal scouting butler at hand for anything: your Novable Agent will help and guide you throughout your scouting journey, quality-check what you get, and proactively lead you to highest satisfaction levels.


and get startups coming your way in no time

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