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The right startups coming your way.

An AI-powered startup scouting engine that understands your unique strategy and finds the most relevant companies matching your exact needs – in seconds.

Core features

A complete discovery process

Worldwide Coverage

Around 1 million startups in the database with in-depth information and contextual insights


Activity-based Search

No taxonomy classification: a true bottom-up search based on startups’ real-time activity content


Lean-back Service

Let the machine work for you and save you hundreds of hours spent analysing bad candidates


Startup Engagement

Engage with top-matching companies through the use of the system’s multiple workflow features


Startup Stories

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We entered the Innovation Economy

The digital revolution has now permeated every corner of life and business. New business models emerge all the time, leveraging technology and societal changes. Companies must now innovate faster, and differently.


AI that speaks your words

Human beings and computers can now collaborate efficiently by distributing tasks to each other in order to create added value at lightspeed. Just give the machine a briefing in plain English – no keyword search, no taxonomy – and our AI will run the search itself using NLP technology, matching your text with the startup’s actual activity content.

First results in seconds

Your briefing is vectorised and applied on our Augmented Startup Database (ASD) through semantic-based matching algorithms. You’ll get a first ranking list of the best-fitting startups within seconds.


Personalised and self-improved models

AI needs food and training. Thanks to gamified tagging features, your personalised models get better and better over time. No long lists anymore: just curated results that fit your needs.


The next-generation corporate venturing

Novable is on a mission to connect the brightest minds from the startup ecosystem with the strong industrial ambitions from the business world. Our technology brings the best of those two worlds together.

Download our whitepaper explaining our view on the next generation of corporate venturing, how our technology works from the inside, and get a 10% lifetime discount on your future licence.

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Innovation is a matter of survival.
The future of companies lies in their capacity to innovate fast and efficiently.


of the economy is influenced by modernization


of current Fortune 500 companies will not exist anymore in 10 years


of business executives believe that their current business models are at risk


think that innovation is a crucial factor of their growth strategy


of corporations believe that it is important to work with startups to innovate

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