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Startup Scouting and Corporate Innovation

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Novable at Vivatech 2024: Innovations and Insights

Discover the key highlights, notable trends, and transformative ideas that emerged at VivaTech 2024. An explosion of incredible innovations!
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novable at vivatech 2024

Novable is Going to Vivatech 2024

Vivatech 2024, Europe's biggest startup and tech event, is back from 22 to 25 May at Porte de Versailles in Paris. See you there!
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The Concept Behind the Corporate Venturing Framework

Corporate Venturing Framework: a list of 100 ways startups can transform any organisation and 50 startup engagement models.
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Energy transition Open Innovation

Accelerate the Energy Transition Through Open Innovation

Anticipating what lies ahead is a must for maintaining a competitive edge in the journey to energy transition. Open innovation is the right choice.
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Agricultural Activities 3staffpicked

5 Innovative Solutions in Agricultural Activities

Agricultural activities are witnessing a remarkable transformation driven by technological advancements, discover 5 solutions innovative solutions.
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Human and AI collaboration

A Synergistic Alliance Between Human and AI Capabilities

Successful businesses recognise the necessity of both human and AI capabilities in driving innovation and productivity. Are you one of them?
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FTI SuperNova 2024

Novable at FTI Supernova Event 2024

FTI SuperNova is an event for tech entrepreneurs, investors, and innovation lovers who seek funding or want to be inspired. Meet Novable there!
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open innovation technology

3 Reasons Companies Benefit From Open Innovation

Open innovation and Corporate Venturing activities are gaining traction within large organisations, together with investments in new technologies.
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How can technology scouting help you innovate?

Technology scouting involves discovering and assessing new or existing technologies. Work smarter, not harder by using the most efficient solution.
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water filtration solutions

5 Innovative Solutions in Water Filtration: Staff Picked

Water filtration is a vital step towards ensuring access to clean, safe drinking water. Discover 5 innovative solutions in the industry.
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The Role of Corporate-Startup Collaboration in Open Innovation

Corporate-startup collaboration: Why and when do corporates engage with startups? How do firm-specific conditions influence decisions?
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cut down startup qualification time

How to cut down startup qualification time by 80%

Startup qualification involves a mix of strategic analysis and alignment with your corporate goals. Novable can help in every aspect of it.
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How to better address your competitive landscape

This article explores the concept of a competitive landscape, delineates its benefits, outlines its structure, and underscores the process of crafting a competitive context analysis.
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Startup Scouting is vital with Novable

Why is Startup Scouting vital these days?

The landscape of innovation is transforming, as major corporations increasingly recognise the impact of efficient startup scouting. Don't be late!
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Startup Sourcing Corporate Accelerator Programs

Why Corporate Accelerator Programs are not the best option for Startup Sourcing

Corporate Accelerator Programs have emerged as pivotal vehicles for innovation among established firms. Startup Scouting is the most crucial step.
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