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Startup Scouting in 2021 and beyond: Delegate, Automate, Arbitrate

In 2021 and beyond, both data and technology are available to finally conduct startup scouting activities in a modern and efficient way. Artificial intelligence (data science in general, natural language processing in particular) is now everywhere - why couldn't it also be used for corporate venturing initiatives?
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Novable identifies the different clusters in your idea description

Using a startup scouting technology to check if your idea already exists

Ideas are protean and heterogenous, and their execution widely differ. This is where a background-check is useful. Not only to check if your idea is unique (hint: it is not), but also to discover how it was deployed elsewhere. At worst, you will change your mind; at best, you will get inspired from your peers...
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Novable - startup scouting

This startup is rising as it predicts … the nuggets of tomorrow

Young shoots with serious growth are not that easy to find, and until now the competence has rested with consultants and innovation managers in companies to investigate which startup should be bought in time.
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Novable - Innovation scouting

Cette startup monte en flèche en prédisant… les pépites de demain

Face à la concurrence, les entreprises sont de plus en plus poussées à acquérir des startups pour profiter de leurs avancées technologiques tout en gagnant du temps en recherche et développement.
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Novable - startup scouting

Novable, une start-up qui sert à détecter les start-ups

“Notre solution permet d'économiser un temps précieux aux consultants et aux personnes responsables de l'innovation dans les entreprises.”
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The SolarImpulse Foundation’s 1000+ to address environmental challenges – a case of innovation scouting

Innovation initiatives around energy in the broadest sense are bubbling up everywhere, and are gaining visibility. Several governmental and non-governmental organisations are trying to structure this burgeoning field. Among them, the SolarImpulse Foundation deserves a closer look.
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Novable - La Libre

Novable, le “match maker” des grandes entreprises et des start-up, prend son envol

“Aux yeux des grandes entreprises, explique Laurent Kinet, CEO de Novable, elles cristallisent l’avant-garde de l’innovation technologique. Elles sont comme la boule de cristal qui permet d’anticiper les tendances futures d’un secteur ou d’un marché”.
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Novable INSEAD Innovation

INSEAD Innovation Club Webinar

Innovation is a key driver for growth. Increasingly, companies have started to build or expand their innovation capabilities, but some of their activities are still very little innovative on their own.
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Novable - Golden Basket - Startup Scouting

What added value does AI bring to innovation and startup scouting?

It has become commonplace to say that artificial intelligence is moving into all areas of human activity. Yet, there is one area where this siege is still in its infancy: Corporate Venturing. The benefits are however undeniable. Let’s go through them quickly.
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“SMEs need to step up to the corporate innovation challenge”

If European middle-market businesses entered the startup arena with strength, determination and high innovation expectations, our startup ecosystems might well become the ultimate weapon to get a voice in the geo-strategic economic battle.
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“Meet Novable — An AI-Powered Innovation Scouting Technology For Companies”

We consider that a startup, or an innovation cluster, is not an isolated, standalone entity. Behind the startup name, you have founders, employees, real persons that interact with an environment: a technology, a business model, customers, partners, investors, stakeholders.
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three step fatalism - Spot, analyze and drop startups.

The SAD syndrome

We call it the SAD syndrome, as a three-step fatalism: Spot — Analyse — Drop. Thousands of hours wasted in vain. Too bad. SAD. Spot. Analyse. Drop. Repeat.
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Startup gives a glimpse of the future - Startup scouting - Novable

Startup Scouting is the least innovative activity ever (time to fix that)

Think about it. In our world that has been pervaded by technology and data, how is it possible that an activity mobilising zillions of dollars still relies on… opportunity and manual search?
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Une intelligence artificielle qui détecte automatiquement les innovations qui vous intéressent

Aujourd’hui, à l’issue d’un briefing stratégique destiné à comprendre ce que recherche exactement le client, la machine prend en charge ces tâches fastidieuses en quelques millisecondes et pour un résultat meilleur, tout en laissant l’intelligence humaine prendre les décisions finales.
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