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Startup Scouting and Corporate Innovation

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Novable, le Tinder de l'innovation

Novable, le Tinder de l’innovation – FR

Novable aide les responsables de l'innovation et du corporate venturing à identifier les startups les plus pertinentes.
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Novable, de Tinder van innovatie

Novable, de Tinder van innovatie – NL

Novable helpt innovation managers en corporate venturing experts om de meest relevante start-ups te identificeren.
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How will ChatGPT and AI change corporate innovation? – Innov8rs

From the Innov8rs Learning Lab on Startup Collaboration, "Corporate AInnovation - How will chatGPT and AI change corporate innovation?"
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smart parking technology

5 Innovative solutions in the smart parking industry: Staff Picked

Discover 5 companies leading the smart parking industry. This technology makes your life easier as a driver while reducing traffic volume.
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Whitespace for UK government agency

Whitespace accelerates innovation scouting for UK Government Agency

Whitespace boosted the rate of companies relevant for their client thanks to Novable. AI and human expertise at work to boost innovation!
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H2 startup scouting

H2 streamlines investment scouting for active stimulants and nootropics

Using Novable, H2 discovered new and more efficient scouting methods, new products, and ingredients for their innovation projects.
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5 Innovative AI solutions in the art industry: Staff Picked

Discover 5 companies leading the AI art industry trend. By automating some elements, artists may free up time and produce more of their work.
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Almacube sustainable innovation

Almacube revolutionises sustainable innovation for Phillip Morris

Almacube use case gives you an overview of how the scouting journey at Novable develops. AI and human expertise at work to boost innovation!
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imec istart participation

Novable joins the best acceleration program

Imec istart's acceleration program was Novable's next step to reach new levels of growth and innovation. Thank you Bloovi for your words!
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energy efficiency

5 Innovative solutions to energy efficiency: Staff Picked

Discover 5 companies leading the energy efficiency trend. Energy-saving solutions can help you save money and the environment all at once.
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The Big Score 2022

Great discoveries at The Big Score 2022

The Big Score broke all the records in 2022. Thank you to Patrick Steinfort for spending a few words on what we do at Novable!
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imec.istart acceleration program

Imec.istart acceleration program – 10 tech startups

Discover 10 new tech start-ups chosen for the imec.istart accelerator program to scale and break through internationally.
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Artificial Intelligence -- NLP

Global Excellence Awards 2022

Discover four entrepreneurs who are interested in artificial intelligence. The Start-up Story program introduces you to young Brussels companies.
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What is corporate innovation

What is corporate innovation?

In this article, you will discover how to successfully implement a corporate innovation culture within the company environment.
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Innovation Roundtable Summit fall 2022

Innovation Roundtable Fall 2022 main takeaways

In this article, we shared Caspar's experience at the Innovation Roundtable Summit Fall 2022. A great opportunity to network with global innovation managers.
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