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Startup Scouting and Corporate Innovation

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What is corporate innovation

What is corporate innovation?

In this article, you will discover how to successfully implement a corporate innovation culture within the company environment.
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Innovation Roundtable Fall 2022 main takeaways

In this article, we shared Caspar's experience at the Innovation Roundtable Summit Fall 2022. A great opportunity to network with global innovation managers.
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Lab-grown meat corporate innovation

5 innovative solutions in the lab-grown meat industry: Staff Picked

Discover 5 companies developing cutting-edge lab-grown meat technologies. Their goal is to save the planet, animals, and people's health.
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Artificial Intelligence BX1 interview

How can Artificial Intelligence shake up our world? BX1 interview

Discover four entrepreneurs who are interested in artificial intelligence. The Start-up Story program introduces you to young Brussels companies.
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Novable Success Story LN24 Interview

What is Novable Success Story? LN24 interview

Listen to Novable Success Story. Laurent Kinet and Olivier Beaujean explain why Novable is a great innovation tool and much more.
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cybersecurity for corporate innovation

5 innovative solutions for cybersecurity: Staff Picked

Discover 5 companies protecting companies' assets around the world with the latest cybersecurity technologies.
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strategy Novable

Develop a clear strategy to reach corporate innovation

Learn why corporate innovation will allow you to create value for your customers, and how to benefit from it.
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quantum computing for corporate innovation

3 innovative solutions boosting corporate innovation in the quantum computing field: Staff Picked

Discover three companies currently leading the quantum computing industry. The application of this technology will provide incredible solutions, boosting corporate innovation processes.
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customer centricity for corporate innovation

Customer-centricity: the new corporate innovation booster

In this article, we propose a few suggestions on how to boost corporate innovation by implementing a customer-focused approach in your business.
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failing innovation

You underestimate corporate innovation, you fail

Discover 10 organisations that went out of business because they didn't pursue corporate innovation, and learn how to avoid the same mistake.
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olfactory marketing for corporate innovation

3 Innovative solutions leading olfactory marketing: Staff Picked

Can olfactory marketing lead to corporate innovation? Discover the new technologies offered by 3 main companies operating in the industry.
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sustainable wine growing for corporate innovation

5 innovative solutions bringing corporate innovation to the wine industry: Staff Picked

Discover 5 companies bringing corporate innovation to the wine industry, by implementing new technologies in their everyday activities.
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corporate venturing for corporate innovation

5 ways corporate venturing boosts corporate innovation

In this article, we individuated 5 takeaways on how corporate venturing boosts corporate innovation, finally leading to financial success.
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Orange Fab for corporate innovation

How Orange Fab uses startup scouting to diversify its business

Discover how Orange Fab uses Novable startup scouting services to diversify its business and reach corporate innovation
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staff picked stories

6 innovative solutions to sustainable energy: Staff Picked

Discover 6 companies leading the corporate innovation trend by implementing new sustainable energy technologies and electric transportation methods.
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