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More and more large companies are running startup programs, hackathons, and other types of venture labs. But we still believe they are not doing enough. Each and every large business has a role to play in fostering global innovation. 

Novable on AI-powered Startup Scouting
VivaTech 2023

Une trentaine de jeunes pousses bruxelloises et wallonnes étaient présentes, cette semaine, à Paris pour le salon VivaTech.

Meet the innovative Information Technology startups transforming the Belgian scene. Novable is first on the list!

Novable, le Tinder de l'innovation

Novable aide les responsables de l’innovation et du corporate venturing à identifier les startups les plus pertinentes.

Novable, de Tinder van innovatie

Novable helpt innovation managers en corporate venturing experts om de meest relevante start-ups te identificeren.

imec acceleration program

Imec istart’s acceleration program was Novable’s next step to reach new levels of growth and innovation. Thank you Bloovi for your words!

The Big Score 2022

The Big Score broke all the records in 2022. Thank you to Patrick Steinfort for spending a few words on what we do at Novable!

imec.istart acceleration program

Discover 10 new tech start-ups chosen for the imec.istart accelerator program to scale and break through internationally.

Artificial Intelligence -- NLP

Read about Novable being a finalist for the Best Use of NLP category for the Global Excellence Awards in year 2022.

Artificial Intelligence BX1 interview

Discover four entrepreneurs who are interested in artificial intelligence. The Start-up Story program introduces you to young Brussels companies.

Novable Success Story LN24 Interview

Listen to Novable Success Story. Laurent Kinet and Olivier Beaujean explain why Novable is a great innovation tool and much more.

Novable Startup Scouting Press

Young shoots with serious growth are not that easy to find, and until now the competence has rested with consultants and innovation managers in companies to investigate which startup should be bought in time

Novable Innovation Scouting Press

Face à la concurrence, les entreprises sont de plus en plus poussées à acquérir des startups pour profiter de leurs avancées technologiques tout en gagnant du temps en recherche et développement

Novable Startup Scouting Press

“Notre solution permet d’économiser un temps précieux aux consultants et aux personnes responsables de l’innovation dans les entreprises.”

Novable La Libre Press

“Aux yeux des grandes entreprises, explique Laurent Kinet, CEO de Novable, elles cristallisent l’avant-garde de l’innovation technologique. Elles sont comme la boule de cristal qui permet d’anticiper les tendances futures d’un secteur ou d’un marché”

Corporate innovation Challenge Press

If European middle-market businesses entered the startup arena with strength, determination, and high innovation expectations, our startup ecosystems might well become the ultimate weapon to get a voice in the geo-strategic economic battle

AI-powered innovation scouting technology Novable Press

We consider that a startup, or an innovation cluster, is not an isolated, standalone entity. Behind the startup name, founders, employees, and real persons interact with an environment: a technology, a business model, customers, partners, investors, and stakeholders

Novable startup scouting press

Aujourd’hui, à l’issue d’un briefing stratégique destiné à comprendre ce que recherche exactement le client, la machine prend en charge ces tâches fastidieuses en quelques millisecondes et pour un résultat meilleur, tout en laissant l’intelligence humaine prendre les décisions finales

20 personnalites de la tech belge press

Les grands groupes investissent dans le développement des start-ups, mais ont souvent du mal à repérer les créateurs d’innovation. Pour répondre à ce manque, les fondateurs de Novable ont imaginé une solution basée sur un algorithme capable de récupérer les données autour des jeunes entreprises (sites web, profils sociaux, actualités, etc.)

AI to scout for trending startups Novable Press

Novable offers corporate clients an ultra-precise sourcing platform thanks to algorithms crawling the websites of startups and machine learning, based on a written brief

We are proud of our 97% satisfaction rate

Trustpilot Novable
  • Novable seemed like the best option in terms of user experience, price, and results. Having those lists of companies presented to you every couple of days cuts down on so much time and it’s a much easier workflow for me.

    Liam Webber Whitespace
    Liam Webber
    Innovation Outreach at Whitespace
  • We had a very specific customer request for a practically non-existing technology in eCommerce. In just 2 iterations (2 hours of workload for us), Novable managed to find 3 times the amount of companies we had after multiple weeks of research. The quality of the startups was top-notch (over 66% match rate). Some relevant companies were completely under the radar, meaning we were the first ones to reach out to them. This is great news for any CVC initiative and innovation consultants: Novable can deliver a blue ocean that no other solution could find.

    Marion Scala
    Hi’Tech Luxury - Innovation Program Director at Micropole
  • We were conducting market research around MedTech companies in several domains. Thanks to regular touch points and iterative precision, Novable delivered many new and unknown companies (82), which further increased the value for our customer. The best part is that it only took me a couple of hours to get there.

    Maarten Van Gorp
    Venture Acceleration Manager at IMEC
  • Our objective is to know where we, and our technology, stand within the market. Novable helps us to map the current technology landscape out.

    Laurent Delhalle
    Senior Research Scientist at Realco
  • Novable was quite impressive on its way to collect specific companies, specialised in NFTs, which was in scope with my search criteria and did this very rapidly.

    Damien D'Ostuni
    Damien D'Ostuni
    Head of Innovation at Wavemaker Belgium
  • The results provided by the platform are efficient and relevant. Additionally, the startup scouting tool has well-designed ergonomics and features. A big part of our great relationship has to do with the very good support of the team, too.

    JP Boisvert @ Client
    Jean-Philippe Boisvert
    Research Programs & Partnerships at Etex Building Performance
  • The pharmaceutical industry requires constant innovation. We need to find the right thing to develop and do it on time. Novable helps us to be more efficient in these tasks.

    Jeff Tonnar @ Client
    Jeff Tonnar
    Innovation Manager at Laboratoire Aguettant
  • To stay in the state-of-the-art you need to know what is happening outside of the bubble. Using Novable to benchmark the potential companies you could be interested in is extremely useful.

    Cécile Cordier Engie
    Cécile Cordier
    Head of Innovation at Engie Global Management Solutions
  • Novable’s AI keeps iterating until it converges toward accurate results. We used other AI tools internally, but they never converged the way Novable does. Novable takes a different approach and uses feedback loops that refocus the AI to reach convergence. It helped us find incredible companies that our own research and other tools were unable to find.


    R&D Lab European leader in open innovation
  • Our partnership with Novable ensures us a constant flow of innovative companies and feeds our teams with new ideas.

    Robert M.
    Innovation Manager