What is the Corporate Venturing Framework?

100 Ways Startups Can Transform Your Organisation and 50 Startup Engagement Models

Corporate Venturing is not only beneficial, but also imperative, for the advancement of our world and the resolution of significant challenges.

Serving as a crucial phase in the innovation journey, the collaboration between startups and established industry titans represents the fusion necessary to ignite transformative change.

However, the challenge lies in how big corporations like yours execute their Corporate Venturing endeavours.

Many find themselves hindered by outdated methodologies, tools, and approaches, or in some cases, lack any structured methodology altogether.

Corporate Venturing Framework

The Corporate Venturing Framework is Threefold

1. A Canvas which allows teams to work directly on a printed wall, following a step-by-step journey depending on their case.

Venture Clienting Model - CVF

2. A Reference Guide, listing 100 transformative Benefits an organisation can gain from collaborating with startups, and 50 startup engagement Models.

3. A Matrix-based Tool with which you cross-reference Benefits and Models to generate an actionable Roadbook and a versatile Dashboard.

Matrix - Corporate Venturing Framework

Where is it available?

corporate venturing framework

The Corporate Venturing Framework Workshop

If you are interested in knowing how this framework could apply to your organisation, have a chat with the creator of the concept and author of the book, Laurent Kinet.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have:

  • A full understanding of the potential of collaboration with startups
  • Your eyes open on unexpected opportunities
  • A Corporate Venturing Framework Basic Certification
  • A personalised blueprint applied to your case and organisation