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How Rolls-Royce innovates with Whitespace

  • At Whitespace, we work closely with customers demanding innovative solutions for tomorrow’s tech. We use Novable to help us identify the best and brightest SMEs and Startups to find the best matches to help them get there.

    Liam Webber Whitespace
    Liam Webber
    Innovation Outreach at Whitespace

Our clients share their experience with Novable

Whitespace - RR - BP

Whitespace collaborates with Rolls Royce Defence and BP: from vision to reality

Liam Webber, Innovation Outreach at Whitespace, talks collaboration with RR Defence and BP, and the role played by Novable in the process.
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Engie Global Energy Management Solutions

Innovation scouting in the energy sector: the case of Engie Global Energy Management Solutions

Find out how Engie was able to boost the journey toward corporate innovation thanks to efficient startup scouting techniques!
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Whitespace for UK government agency

Whitespace accelerates innovation scouting for UK Government Agency

Whitespace boosted the rate of companies relevant for their client thanks to Novable. AI and human expertise at work to boost innovation!
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H2 startup scouting

H2 streamlines investment scouting for active stimulants and nootropics

Using Novable, H2 discovered new and more efficient scouting methods, new products, and ingredients for their innovation projects.
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Almacube sustainable innovation

Almacube revolutionises sustainable innovation for Phillip Morris

Almacube use case gives you an overview of how the scouting journey at Novable develops. AI and human expertise at work to boost innovation!
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Orange Fab startup scouting

How Orange Fab uses startup scouting to diversify its business

Discover how Orange Fab uses Novable startup scouting services to diversify its business and reach corporate innovation
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Realco for corporate innovation

How Realco uses innovation scouting to monitor their market

Realco uses Novable's platform to reach their objectives, stay ahead and monitor their company's and technology's environment
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Etex startup scouting

Etex on boosting sustainability thanks to startup scouting

Discover how Etex finds relevant information and startups to partner with directly thanks to Novable
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Aguettant startup scouting

Aguettant empowers pharmaceutical innovation through startup scouting

Read about Aguettant, one of Novable's clients, and about how they use startup scouting to achieve an efficient innovation strategy
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The solution that drove our client $240m revenues on the first year

Novable identified a startup acquired by our client that turned into:

 ✅      Golden Basket of 25 best candidates in 2 days

 ✅      Best Match validated in less than one week

 ✅      $240m revenues in the first year

A tangible impact across Novable Clients


faster delivery

of validated results compared to existing solutions


more chances

 to stumble upon unexpected but top-fitting innovations


yearly growth rate

of the Novable database (startups, patents, research, topics, people)

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