H2 streamlines investment scouting for active stimulants and nootropics

The context

H2 is a Swiss investment consultancy agency providing investors with services ranging from strategy formulation assistance to execution. 

Historically, H2 would contact interesting targets by using tools such as web-based searches, including Pitchbook or Crunchbase, and contract with freelancers to aid the scouting process. For this reason, the search represented a slow and tedious process, lasting between 5 and 6 weeks. 

Therefore, they decided to give Novable a try. Being a dedicated scouting platform, they were able to work with a higher level of accuracy and relevance, finally receiving better results and saving quality time.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

The objective

H2 referred to Novable with the intent to map an exhaustive market overview of topics such as active stimulants and nootropics, and find up to 10 suitable companies to invest in.

The challenge

H2 needed to save time and resources. They delegated the scouting process to the Novable Agents. In this way, they were able to improve the quality of the results obtained by their previous scouting efforts and find their hidden gems.

The role of Novable

Hybrid AI-Human approach: Using NLP to understand H2’s needs starting with a detailed briefing from them, AI did the heavy lifting by retrieving relevant Companies. On the other end of the spectrum, the Novable Agents sifted through the output for quality control and delivered a tailor-made “Golden Basket’ (list of Companies). The Novable Agents helped adjust the process according to the customer’s evolving search criteria. Results matched the increasing level of details requested throughout the Campaign.

Semantic search: Direct translation of H2 requests into relevant results for each chosen topic.

Iterative process until happiness: Following an iterative approach, punctuated with recurrent meetings to discuss the ongoing scouting Campaign, the client was followed every step of the way for the whole duration of the project. Receiving regular feedback from the client, the Novable Agents refocused the current briefing to match the new conditions after each iteration, in order to improve the accuracy of the search and thus improve the relevance as time elapsed. 

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

A successful outcome

Thanks to Novable, H2 found 214 Companies from which 85 were relevant to their search (match), and 15 were contacted directly by H2 innovation officers. 

Customer Cost vs Customer Gain

  • Cost. Time: 24 hours + 1 FTE. Money: 2000€
  • Gain. Time: 10 hours (Iteration review time x number of iterations). Money: the price of a starter campaign (2000 custom price) for 10 hours of platform usage.

Synergising both the speed of processing of the algorithm with the adaptable expertise of the Novable Agents, the client discovered on top of their expected companies, new methods, products, and ingredients.

Delivering more than 200 companies and vetting 40% of them as a match to their criteria, during a period of 5 months, the client obtained the sought-after results in a different way that was unexpected when we first started.

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