5 Innovative AI solutions in the art industry: Staff Picked

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All throughout human history, people have created and appreciated many forms of art for a variety of reasons. Entertainment, aesthetics, and even therapy. Over the years, this business has developed into a highly lucrative sector.

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Source: Mar Merelo/Moment/Getty Images

Understanding and succeeding in this field take a lot of knowledge, exposure, and time. It is not as simple as it may seem. For the majority of the past century, technology has had a great impact on how art is produced and appreciated. For example, the development of portable paint tubes allowed artists to paint outside and led to the creation of numerous breathtaking landscape paintings. Today’s scenario (digital cameras and apps like Photoshop) has completely changed how art is made and enjoyed. 

AI art can range from independent works to improvised collaborations developed at the moment. The artistic styles of AI creators range from AI poetry to AI music to AI paintings.

How did we come up with the idea? It was inspired during a meeting between Emeric, one of the Novable Agents, and a french client. Living in her small apartment in Paris, she had always been fascinated by the world of technology and its potential to revolutionalise the art industry. After the insightful conversation, Emeric put the Novable algorithm to the test to find out incredible results. 

In this article, you will discover 5 hidden gems providing AI-based tools to boost creativity and growth identified from the colorful Novable database of +2 million companies!

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1. Hotpot

Hotpot offers different tools which allow you to produce stunning text, graphics, and images. The goal? Inspire creativity while automating tedious tasks. 

The AI Art Generator represents a perfect example of this mindset. You can bring your creativity to life by specifying your desires in the text box description and watching Hotpot make them come true. The more specific you are, the better because “AI is good, but not God”. Customer examples: 

  • “Creative oil painting of the ocean at sunset, with smooth gradients of purple and yellow”
  • “The sunset over the desert in the style of Claude Monet using bright and harmonic colors”
AI art text box description

Art Generator text box. Source: Hotpot

2. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects allows you to turn photos and videos into a work of digital art, thanks to the implementation of a deep learning algorithm. The software adjusts the style of any certain painting to your image or video, and it is available both as desktop software (for professionals) and an application. Choose an image, apply the preferred filter, and obtain your authentic design. It’s that simple.

3. Metacreation

The Metacreation Lab for Creative AI is at the forefront of developing generative systems, whether embedded in interactive experiences or automated workflows integrated into cutting-edge creative software. As a matter of fact, it is driven by collaborations involving scientists, experts in artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, designers, and artists.

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4. Art AI Gallery

Art AI Gallery taught artificial intelligence about human art by showing millions of samples from the past 1500 years. The algorithm is able to draw inspiration from those, just like humans do! The AI gains the ability to recognize the aesthetic components appealing to human emotions, and it uses this knowledge to create an original artistic style that is unmatched. The AI is then asked to use what it has learned to produce new artwork, which they submit to a gallery. Because each piece is sold only once, it offers truly unique artwork.

AI art Gallery collection

Art AI Gallery collection. Source: Art AI Gallery

5. AIArtists.org

AIArtists.org describes itself as the biggest artistic community investigating artificial intelligence. 

They serve as a global clearinghouse for AI’s influence on art and culture and curate historically significant Artificial Intelligence art as well as AI craft tools to utilize in your creative practice. You can explore their artists’ work and the important challenges they are tackling on the website. In this way, you will discover more about AI art history, ethical concerns with AI, and other topics.


AIArtists.org artists. Find out the others on their website (AIArtists.org)

By automating some of the simpler elements of the creative process, artists may free up time and produce more of their work. Therefore, they can push the limits of their creativity in ways they never would have imagined possible thanks to the inclusion of unexpected aspects into the creative process. 

People without natural artistic talent may be able to convey their emotions and vulnerability via art thanks to AI-generated creations. As a result, by employing pre-made templates, individuals may easily build layouts and designs today without needing any design expertise. 

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