Novable Joins Innov8rs Milan 2024

Innov8rs Milan 2024. Innov8rs Milan 2024. Innov8rs Milan 2024. 

Innov8rs has long been a beacon for innovators worldwide, providing a platform where leaders, thinkers, and doers converge to share knowledge and drive change. The Milan edition is no exception, boasting a diverse agenda that spans various sectors and themes, all unified by the quest for innovation excellence.

Innov8rs Milan 2024

Set against the backdrop of Italy’s vibrant fashion and business hub, Innov8rs Milan 2024 promises to be a melting pot of ideas, insights, and groundbreaking innovations.

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

Novable Demo Session

💡 Pitching at Innov8rs Milan 2024, Laurent Kinet & Manuel Hellendorff. 🗓 Wednesday, June 12. 3h45pm

Why Startup Scouting is the Most Important Step Towards a Corporate Venturing Practice [Demo Novable Platform]

Innov8rs Milan 2024

Startup scouting is the initial step towards embracing new ideas and technologies, finally boosting your corporate innovation process. Novable has pioneered the corporate venturing technology area with an AI-powered startup scouting platform used and loved by some of the largest firms on earth.

The Novable Scouting Platform helps innovation professionals identify and engage with the most relevant innovation partners, and start or renew their innovation practices using our Corporate Venturing Framework, where startup scouting is the first engagement model.

Novable is a proven way to save thousands of hours and predictably find the perfect innovation for your company. In this session, Manuel and Laurent will show you how to do just that with both technology and methodology. 

Key insights and themes

Future of work

Industry leaders from tech giants like Google and Microsoft will discuss how AI and automation are reshaping workplaces. Participate in hands-on sessions on implementing remote work strategies and utilizing collaborative tools effectively.

Sustainable innovation

Experts from leading sustainability-focused companies will explore how innovation can drive environmental responsibility. Case studies: real-world examples of successful sustainable projects from startups and established companies alike.

Disruptive technologies

Visionary talks from pioneers in blockchain, quantum computing, and biotech. Tech demos: live demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies set to revolutionise industries.

Customer-centric innovation

Engaging activities designed to help attendees develop a deep understanding of customer needs. Success stories: presentations from companies that have successfully implemented customer-driven innovation strategies.

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

Why you should attend

Startup alley: a dedicated space for emerging startups to showcase their innovations. This is a great opportunity for networking and discovering the next big thing in various industries.

Innovation awards: recognition of outstanding achievements in innovation, with categories spanning different sectors and innovation types.

Networking opportunities: numerous events and informal gatherings designed to help attendees connect with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators.

Tech playground: an interactive area where attendees can experience the latest innovations firsthand, from VR experiences to AI-powered tools.

Innov8rs Milan 2024 is not just a conference, it’s a community of innovators. Whether you’re a seasoned executive, a startup founder, or an innovation enthusiast, this event offers invaluable insights, practical skills, and networking opportunities that can propel your innovation journey forward.

Join us in Milan to be part of conversations that shape the future, gain insights from the forefront of innovation, and connect with a community dedicated to driving change.

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