Orange Fab BeLux - Smart City Innovation Challenge

Discover some great insights into the collaboration of Orange Fab Belux with Novable. The company focuses on boosting its corporate innovation strategy through startup scouting and open innovation.

In this conversation, Ariane Chan –  talks about collaborating with Novable to scout for startups suitable for Orange Belgium’s innovation challenges.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

Q: What does Ariane do at Orange?

A: Ariane is responsible for Orange Fab BeLux, Orange’s startup accelerator for Belgium and Luxembourg.

Q: What is the purpose of Orange Fab?

A: Orange Fab BeLux is the open door for startups that want to collaborate with Orange. “Each year, according to one problem that we will be identifying at Orange Belgium, we are looking for startups that can help and support us in this project on a specific theme”.

Q: Where does Novable fit in this?

A: Based on these innovation projects/challenges, Orange Fab scouts for specific startups that are big enough to collaborate with Orange. “Novable helps us in this search, providing us with the right insights, and saving us a lot of time.”

Q: How does the collaboration with Novable translate in concrete numbers?

A: Last year Orange Belgium launched a special innovation call on Smart Cities. 

  • 3/6 finalists were discovered thanks to Novable
  • 2 winners well-scouted by Novable

Q: How is it working with the Novable team?

A: “It has always been great. I think it’s a big added value of Novable. There is the AI-powered tool and that’s great but also what we enjoy is the relationship we have with the Novable Agents. They are always listening to us and scouting well on our needs.”

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