Novable at Vivatech 2024: Innovations and Insights

vivatech 2024. vivatech 2024. vivatech 2024

VivaTech 2024, the highly anticipated annual technology conference, recently concluded with an awe-inspiring display of groundbreaking innovations, thought-provoking discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. As a premier event for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, it brought together the brightest minds and showcased the latest advancements across various sectors.

The Novable team had a lot of fun, with many people visiting the booth.  Innovative startups and cutting-edge solutions from Belgium’s thriving tech ecosystem for an inspiring environment, to say the least. It served as a platform for Belgian companies to network, exhibit products and services to innovation professionals, and attract potential investors and partners. What more could you ask for when working in the innovation field?

Novable at Vivatech 2024

The Novable booth at VivaTech 2024

In this article, we will explore the key highlights, notable trends, and transformative ideas that emerged from the event. 

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

An Introduction to the Corporate Venturing Framework

Laurent Kinet, Co-founder & CEO at Novable, presented “An Introduction to the Corporate Venturing Framework”.

What is the Corporate Venturing Framework?

  • A Canvas which allows different teams to work directly on a printed wall, following a step-by-step journey depending on their case
  • A Reference Guide, listing 100 transformative Benefits an organisation can gain from collaborating with startups, and 50 startup engagement Models.
  • A Matrix-based Tool with which you cross-reference Benefits and Models to generate an actionable Roadbook and a versatile Dashboard.
CVF presentation vivatech 2024

For many individuals, the concept of Corporate Venturing can be a blend of various elements such as investment funds, accelerators, innovation labs, hackathons, and startup competitions. However, it goes beyond mere terminology, encompassing the collaborative efforts between large corporations and startups, aimed at driving tangible business innovation. These efforts are spearheaded by experts within organisations (R&D, business development teams, product management divisions, and more). The demand for external assistance in these domains is poised to rise.

People working in large corporations admitted that the pace of these transformative changes renders internal management unfeasible. Consequently, the integration of startups becomes inevitable. However, the current corporate structure often lacks the flexibility to facilitate such collaborations, with professionals encountering obstacles like limited resources, inertia, mistrust, and protective mindsets.

But do not worry, Laurent has got you covered. He addressed this challenge by developing a user-friendly framework. The aim is to support individuals contemplating collaboration with startups, mitigate risks, enhance efficiency, and facilitate internal scalability.

Corporate Venturing Framework explanation

Important innovation discoveries at VivaTech 2024

VivaTech 2024 featured an expansive exhibition area that showcased groundbreaking innovations from both established tech giants and emerging startups. Attendees were treated to a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including AI, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and more. The exhibition offered a hands-on experience, allowing visitors to witness the transformative potential of these technologies across diverse industries.

Day 1

Airbus. The aerospace giant brought its most ambitious innovations to VivaTech 2024. Take a simulated flight over Osaka in an air taxi of the future or feast your eyes on the latest advancements in para-cycling equipment. Airbus has also replicated an airport runway to show off its Air-truck for the first time. Truck on the outside, plane on the inside, it’s a first-of-its-kind step toward automatic aeroplane taxiing.

Airbus tandem reveal – VivaTech 2024

Japan. VivaTech 2024 Country of the Year has flown in technology ranging from cutting-edge AI to kawaii cuteness. The Japanese Pavilion provided insights into AI contract review, agritech startups working to innovate the silkworm industry, pineapple leather, state-of-the-art matcha, and a robotic Shiba Inu plush toy that can bite your finger.

Software République –  a consortium of major French companies collaborates to innovate in mobility. Software République revealed the U1st Vision, an innovative medical van concept. This mobile medical centre offers prevention, diagnostics and curative work in medical wastelands. The concept includes an AI avatar and ensures cybersecurity and privacy protection.

software republique vivatech 2024

Software Republique U1st Vision reveal – VivaTech 2024

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

Day 2

Elon Musk graced the VivaTech stage once again in the Dôme de Paris for an interactive Q&A session. Audience members got to ask Musk “everything they ever wanted to know about him, but were too afraid to ask.”

Musk began by discussing Neuralink, his brain computerface company, and highlighted the progress in developing a device that enables telepathic control of devices like computers and phones, which could potentially help people with brain and spinal injuries. He mentioned future goals for Neuralink, such as restoring sight to the blind and improving human-computer interface bandwidth to mitigate AI risks.

He then shifted focus to xAI, the AI startup founded last year, expressing concerns about the current state of AI development, particularly the tendency of major AI programs to cater to political correctness at the expense of truthfulness. He emphasised the importance of AI being maximally truth-seeking and curious and criticised AI models that distort reality, using examples from Google Gemini and OpenAI, and outlined his vision for xAI to prioritise truth even if it is unpopular.

Neuralink – VivaTech 2024

Green Metropolis: Shaping Climate-Smart Cities. “About ¾ of global emissions are caused by cities,” Daphné Leprince-Ringuet, a French tech reporter at SIFTED, reminded the audience. “It’s a no-brainer that we need to build greener cities.” And tech is necessary to do so: it efficiently supports urban planning through 3D modelling and digital twin solutions.

Collaboration between cities and between cities and tech providers is crucial. “90% of the urban expansion that is happening in the global south is happening in climate hazard areas or very close to it. So we need to help these cities to really understand where they need to expand and where they need to regenerate and how they should do it.” Helene Chartier, Director of Urban Planning and Design at C40.

green metropolis vivatech 2024

Daphné Leprince-Ringuet, Jacques Beltran, Cecilia Kushner, Helene Chartier – VivaTech 2024

The New Paradigm of Creativity and Digital Experiences. How is generative AI revolutionizing the worlds of creativity, marketing, and media, and the profound implications for consumers, creators, and business leaders? 5 takeaways:

  1. Gen AI is shifting this paradigm towards creativity. Tools now enable individuals to express their ideas with minimal friction, emphasizing the value of creativity over mere productivity.
  2. New AI tools are rekindling confidence by allowing people to express their ideas easily.
  3. AI tools like Adobe Firefly and Photoshop are enhancing creative exploration. This expands the surface area of creative possibilities, leading to higher-quality outputs.
  4. Future digital experiences will be highly personalized, moving away from generalized interactions.
  5. With an abundance of digital content, humans will increasingly seek meaningful and crafted experiences. The emphasis will be on verifying the human touch in content creation, and appreciating the story and effort behind it.

Scott Belsky – VivaTech 2024

Day 3

AfricaTech Awards. A huge congratulations to the three champions of this year. Sustainable transportation startup schoolz won in the Climate Tech category. Inclusivity Solutions took the top prize in FinTech and E-commerce for expanding access to insurance in Africa. And for addressing the continent’s mental health crisis, Thalia Psychotherapy won the Health Tech category.

AfricaTech winners vivatech 2024

Revolutionizing Retail. Discovering up-and-coming products is one of the best parts of VivaTech. Lunu lets you seamlessly use crypto in stores, while German Bionics’ exoskeleton gives nurses and warehouse workers extraordinary strength. And we bet you’ll be seeing Veeve shopping cart devices in a supermarket near you very soon.

AI retail vivatech 2024

Veeve shopping cart reveal – VivaTech 2024

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