Erika Piaz
Venture Clienting
The acceptance of Venture Clienting is hindered by professionals' lack of understanding. Learn how to make the most out of it in your company!
Sifted Summit 2023 is a gathering of startups, investors, and tech enthusiasts to illuminate the path to Europe's technological future.
Gitex Global 2023
In the heart of the Middle East's technological hub, the GITEX Global event is set to return in October 2023 more innovative than ever before.
insect protein staff picked
Insect protein can contribute to a nutritious, economical diet for both humans and animals. Discover 5 innovative solutions in the industry!
Whitespace - RR - BP
Liam Webber, Innovation Outreach at Whitespace, talks collaboration with RR Defence and BP, and the role played by Novable in the process.
Engie Global Energy Management Solutions
Find out how Engie was able to boost the journey toward corporate innovation thanks to efficient startup scouting techniques!
SRM allows large companies to keep up with the startup world and build a powerful and effective interface for working with newcomers!
Smart Gym solutions
Smart gym apps are technological advancements in the fitness industry that leverage digital tools and connectivity. Discover 5 examples!
Venture Clienting
Venture clienting has the benefit of giving corporates access to unique ideas while also providing startups with the necessary resources!
Novable at VivaTech 2023
Discover the key highlights, notable trends, and transformative ideas that emerged at VivaTech 2023. An explosion of incredible innovations!
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