Erika Piaz
Discover 5 companies leading the AI art industry trend. By automating some elements, artists may free up time and produce more of their work.
Almacube use case gives you an overview of how the scouting journey at Novable develops. AI and human expertise at work to boost innovation!
energy efficiency
Discover 5 companies leading the energy efficiency trend. Energy-saving solutions can help you save money and the environment all at once.
imec.istart acceleration program
Discover 10 new tech start-ups chosen for the imec.istart accelerator program to scale and break through internationally.
What is corporate innovation
In this article, you will discover how to successfully implement a corporate innovation culture within the company environment.
Innovation Roundtable Summit fall 2022
In this article, we shared Caspar's experience at the Innovation Roundtable Summit Fall 2022. A great opportunity to network with global innovation managers.
Lab-grown meat corporate innovation
Discover 5 companies developing cutting-edge lab-grown meat technologies. Their goal is to save the planet, animals, and people's health.
Artificial Intelligence BX1 interview
Discover four entrepreneurs who are interested in artificial intelligence. The Start-up Story program introduces you to young Brussels companies.
Novable Success Story LN24 Interview
Listen to Novable Success Story. Laurent Kinet and Olivier Beaujean explain why Novable is a great innovation tool and much more.
strategy Novable
Learn why corporate innovation will allow you to create value for your customers, and how to benefit from it.
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