Erika Piaz
Corporate-startup collaboration: Why and when do corporates engage with startups? How do firm-specific conditions influence decisions?
cut down startup qualification time
Startup qualification involves a mix of strategic analysis and alignment with your corporate goals. Novable can help in every aspect of it.
This article explores the concept of a competitive landscape, delineates its benefits, outlines its structure, and underscores the process of crafting a competitive context analysis.
Startup Scouting is vital with Novable
The landscape of innovation is transforming, as major corporations increasingly recognise the impact of efficient startup scouting. Don't be late!
Startup Sourcing Corporate Accelerator Programs
Corporate Accelerator Programs have emerged as pivotal vehicles for innovation among established firms. Startup Scouting is the most crucial step.
fusion energy
Nuclear fusion energy is generated by combining two light atomic nuclei to form a single heavier one. Discover 5 solutions in the industry! AI Startups
In this article, we will explore 15 exciting AI startups from Belgium that are making waves in their respective fields and offering innovative solutions. IT Startups
This article showcases 15 of the most intriguing Information IT startups from Brussels that are reshaping the innovation landscape in Europe.
Gorilla Game book review Novable
"The Gorilla Game" offers a compelling framework for investors seeking to navigate the unpredictable world of technology stocks.
Space Industry Staff Picked
To modernise and expand operations, the space industry is leveraging cutting-edge technologies like sophisticated satellite systems and big data.
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