Staff Picked
Discover 5 companies leading the AI art industry trend. By automating some elements, artists may free up time and produce more of their work.
energy efficiency
Discover 5 companies leading the energy efficiency trend. Energy-saving solutions can help you save money and the environment all at once.
Lab-grown meat corporate innovation
Discover 5 companies developing cutting-edge lab-grown meat technologies. Their goal is to save the planet, animals, and people's health.
cybersecurity for corporate innovation
Discover 5 companies protecting companies' assets around the world with the latest cybersecurity technologies.
quantum computing for corporate innovation
Discover three companies currently leading the quantum computing industry. The application of this technology will provide incredible solutions, boosting corporate innovation processes.
olfactory marketing for corporate innovation
Can olfactory marketing lead to corporate innovation? Discover the new technologies offered by 3 main companies operating in the industry.
sustainable wine growing for corporate innovation
Discover 5 companies bringing corporate innovation to the wine industry, by implementing new technologies in their everyday activities.
staff picked stories
Discover 6 companies leading the corporate innovation trend by implementing new sustainable energy technologies and electric transportation methods.
Our Novable Agents put the algorithms to work to find the weirdest companies that might be the next big hit in terms of corporate innovation.
3D food printing for corporate innovation
3D printing has brought a lot of innovation to the field. Discover how it is now possible to print edible food with these solutions
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