5 AI solutions to detecting your future best customers: Staff picked

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The majority of consumers are aware that AI is becoming an increasingly important factor in persuading us to make purchases. This level of personalisation can be both welcome and unsettling at times. The main advantage? You can detect your future best customers thanks to new solutions in the market!

Companies are employing AI for far more than just presenting relevant web ads and sending out email promotions. AI assists in tracking consumer activity both online and in-person, making wiser decisions about pricing, and inventory levels among other things. 

detect your future best customers with AI

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In this article, we would like to share with you some AI-based solutions that will help you detect your future best customers thanks to an inspiring conversation with one of our clients:

“I’m looking for innovative, AI-infused tools that can detect my future best customers. I need a lead generation tool that can understand my requirements based on a few examples of existing customers.”

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

1. Evon8 Mobile

Evon8 Mobile provides solutions that make it easy for businesses to find new opportunities, grow revenues, or reduce costs using data and analytics to uncover unique business insights. They use artificial intelligence, software algorithms, analytics and know-how to improve the business and the financial performance of their clients. Here are two main services they offer:

Intelligent lead generation & content creation (iInbound and outbound). It  combines AI, software algorithms, marketing platforms and the digital experience of the team to provide clients with an automated new lead generation service that improves marketing campaign results. Evon8 Mobile’s  solution is flexible. You can take your custom leads and do your own outbound marketing or you can outsource the initial outbound marketing to them until the leads have reached a specific stage in your defined sales funnel.

RCS chatbot development, data mining, analysis, and strategy. Capture insights from a broad customer base in near real time across the web! As a consequence,  you can develop safe, compliant, contextual campaigns and better track ROI directly into conversions.

2. SiO Digital

SiO Digital is a team of B2B marketing consultants, scientists, and mathematicians who collect and understand your business’s marketing data. They tackle growth problems with a neuro-marketing approach and, therefore, help you develop your business using customised B2B growth hacking strategies. “Provide us with data, and we will predict your future success!”, they state on their website. SiO Digital offers different kinds of services, including:

  • Marketing (lead generation, inbound marketing, AI-powered SEO, content marketing, behavioural automation, data-driven PPC, marketing intelligence, match marketing)
  • Website (B2B website design, e-commerce web design, growth-driven design)
  • Sales (B2B prospect intelligence, sales content optimisation, reporting & analysis, technology & automation, AI  data-based sales strategies, sales & marketing alignment)

3. LeadScorz

LeadScorz provides state-of-the-art technology to help marketers optimise the value of the customer leads they purchase and act on. LeadScorz Grading Engine™ scores and grades third-party leads in real time, before companies pay for them. In this way, they only buy and spend time on the best leads. It also scores and grades internally generated and organic leads in real time. Using AI and machine learning, the technology delivers better data, more accurate quality grading, and better lead-processing automation than any other solution on the market.

LeadScorz’s technology changes lead-buying dynamics by enabling marketers to specify extremely precise parameters for the leads they want and consequently increase the conversion rates of those leads. It has been successfully deployed at insurance companies, financial institutions, educational institutions, and more, all of which rely heavily on lead-generation programs.

Get a stronger ROI and better manage your paid-lead sources!

startup scouting for corporate innovation

4. AB Ignite Design Inc

AB Ignite Design focuses on leveraging Artificial Intelligence Marketing with in-market targeting and in-funnel leads for the real estate industry. This allows you to focus your limited resources on the right leads therefore increasing your profits. Here are some of the main advantages you get:

  • In-market targeting. Be the first to know who’s in your market. Target only real sellers & active buyers. 
  • Machine learning. The data gets smarter in order to improve your targeting in real-time. Get to know who is ready to sell/buy right now!
  • Predictive targeting. Be the first to contact prospective clients when they enter the market. Get there before your competition, including past customers! 
  • Multichannel marketing. Be omnipresent: reach sellers/buyers anywhere, anytime, on any platform. Canvas while you sleep.

5. Manlitics

In an era of new and emerging digital media, Manlitics aligns the core expertise of today’s ever-changing technology with a clear understanding of traditional marketing methods without losing sight of conventional concepts. The company provides cutting-edge solutions to a range of industries. “We have capabilities to slice and dice data through industry types, SIC codes, employee size, job titles, job functions, etc.”, they state on their website.

The team’s creative minds combined with advanced technology infrastructure give birth to H+MaaS (Human + Machine as a Service). Highly skilled artists and technicians make them a go-to partner for lead generation, that is what makes them different from others.

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