Novable takes part in Chem-Match 2023

The chemical industry faces diverse challenges these days. Issues like ecological and social responsibility, digitisation, supply chains and energy crisis, and process improvements, shape a new operation setting for companies. The pressure to innovate is high, while the time needed remains an obstacle. Chem-Match 2023 is the perfect place for ambitious corporations that want to rely on cooperative approaches to innovate. They use the dynamics in the startup scene to speed up their research and development efforts.

Novable Chem-match 2023
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What is Chem-Match?

Chem-Match is a prestigious annual event that serves as a nexus for chemists, researchers, and professionals from diverse sectors within the chemical industry. This event fosters collaboration, idea exchange, and partnerships among industry leaders, startups, and researchers, making it a hotbed for innovation and progress.

This year’s edition will focus on:

  • Reflecting on the competitiveness of the European chemical industry
  • Orchestrating an innovation rebound
  • Architecting ecosystem platforms for sustainability

Take the opportunity and meet German and international startups and corporates in 20-minute B2B meetings arranged in advance. The industry focus is on chemistry, biotechnology, bioelectronics, environmentalism, sustainability, digital process management, and innovation management. 

Novable presence at the event

The Novable team will be ready to help anyone working in the innovation field!

Novable gives you access to the smartest corporate venturing platform on the market, complementing our AI-powered matching engine (DeepMatching™) with the expertise of a dedicated team going the extra mile to deliver in-depth validation and vetting solutions.

“Novable seemed like the best option in terms of user experience, price, and results. Having those lists of companies presented to you every couple of days cuts down on so much time and it’s a much easier workflow for me”. Liam Webber, Innovation Outreach at Whitespace.

Hope to see you there!

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