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“Is the computer the ultimate startup analyst?”

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  • Short introduction on Novable
  • Our view on corporate venturing
  • The Novable technology
  • Use cases
  • Platform walkthrough
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Novable - startup scouting - whitepaper
  • The crucial importance of innovation for companies
  • How do startups contribute to the innovation process
  • How do companies scout innovation these days
  • How can artificial intelligence help in the process
  • How does Novable bring innovation scouting to the next level

This paper discusses the crucial importance of innovation for large companies, the critical contribution of startups to the whole innovation process, the fundamental problem with the way in which companies scout innovations these days, and the potential offered by artificial intelligence. It will then introduce the Novable technology as a response to this problem.

This document is the result of a year and a half of research and development, alongside market and innovation business landscape analysis that included deep interactions with large companies and corporations that have used our technology since the very beginning. Such feedback has provided our team with decisive input to allow them to tailor solutions to very detailed corporate needs.