5 Scan & Go solutions for your retail store experience

While brands worldwide are embracing Scan & Go technology, what are the real advantages it offers retail stores?

 The way customers interact with physical stores is beginning to change due to Scan & Go. The technology removes the need for checkout lanes and allows retailers to focus staff and resources on other aspects of their businesses and stores.

In a traditional retail setting, customers typically have to find and visit a checkout in order to have the items scanned and then pay for them. Meanwhile, with Scan & Go, customers scan the products with their own smartphone and make payments on the spot with a single button click.

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Based on an interesting conversation with one of our clients, we came up with a list of companies that are developing new technologies in the field. 

“I am looking for technologies that allow customers to shop in a retail store, and simply exit without having to checkout. Those technologies would know what the customer has picked off the shelves and left the store with. The customer would automatically be credited when they exit the store. Those technologies can include AI components such as computer vision.”

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1. Go2future

Go2future provides a variety of cutting-edge computer vision technologies to assist stores in improving customer satisfaction, streamlining operations, and spurring growth. Because of the flexibility, scalability, and ease of use of their products, retailers of all shapes and sizes can make use of computer vision’s capabilities. 

The GRAB & GO solution allows you to track your consumers and detect what they grab thanks to the setup of multiple sensors and cameras. Therefore, the journey from beginning to end is characterised by a low latency and seamless vision. Customers are anonymised through an encrypted identification that keeps them trackable without privacy policy concerns. Moreover, an on-site AI processing solution allows the control and management of data privacy regulations.

2. Leav

Leav is the most adaptable checkout system created for efficient in-store shopping. The goal is to deploy a streamlined checkout platform and put the shoppers at the centre of their buying experience in-store. Leav Scan & Go solution makes checkout 90% faster. Shoppers simply add products to their cart by scanning the barcodes of the items and can immediately checkout with their favourite payment method. In addition, it raises comparative baskets by up to 40%.

Real-time product information display, live prices, and automatically applied promotional campaigns enable shoppers to maximise their planned budgets and discover new offerings whenever they visit your retail locations.

Engage your shoppers with the most delightful checkouts now by trying Leav for free.

  1. Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities by providing customers with the most personalised cart-building experience.
  2. Take advantage of the most adaptable and user-friendly checkout process to lower friction and convert customer satisfaction into quantifiable profits.
  3. Increase customer loyalty by streamlining their experiences and concentrating on providing the greatest value.

It does not matter if your retail business is big or growing. Investing in personalisation, loyalty strategies, and an exceptional and engaging customer journey is a constant priority.


TRACXPOINT Daivi shopping cart detects, tracks, and recognizes products instantly. It is the only smart shopping cart system that begins tracking a product 10–15 cm above the basket’s edge. A quick and accurate identification which continues until it is firmly placed inside the cart.

The technology uses visual recognition capabilities and deep learning to automatically identify products placed in, or removed from customers’ shopping carts. These Artificial Eyes (A-Eyes) can see nearly as well as the human eye; showing a 99% Product Identification Accuracy rate

Moreover, the real-time shopping cart positioning system allows customers to always find what they’re looking for in the store. This is a huge help to the customer and the store management team. It can be used for a variety of purposes. A few examples are: finding basic products, enabling smart location-based coupons, reducing theft, and more. 

Finally, customers can benefit from a personalised experience and receive offers and rewards that are tailored to their shopping preferences or recent purchases.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

4. KanduAI

KanduAI’s mission is to “provide the easiest, simplest, and most intuitive checkout experience possible, all at a fraction of the cost of other solutions”. The team is uniquely qualified in the fields of deep learning and computer vision, which allowed the development of cutting-edge solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Using AI and automation, they have created a checkout experience that is seamless and convenient for customers, while also being cost-effective for retailers. No longer do customers have to stand in long lines or scan each item individually!

5. Kooick

Kooick Grab and Go solution provides last-mile, last-minute, personalised convenience to customers, giving sellers new opportunities to boost sales, foster customer intimacy, and cut costs.

They turn commonplace areas like cabinets, freezers, refrigerators, and kiosks into interactive, automated vending and storage solutions by identifying, tracking, and managing inventory and transactions.

The team created plug-and-play, scalable, low-footprint solutions with a competitive total cost of ownership. This was thanks to a special combination of knowledge in business software, the Internet of Things, and computer vision. They support configurations that are customer-centric and are based on variables like use cases and bandwidth limitations. This includes software that is installed, downloaded, and cloud-based and is provided as a service.

Kooick vending machine - retail store

What are the main Scan & Go advantages?

Cost savings

Retailers can cut back on (or get rid of) the tills in their stores. By doing this, the investment in the tills themselves is eliminated, along with any recurring licence fees, upkeep, and operating expenses. Additionally, the staff members can be repositioned on the sales floor to enhance the customer experience and offer guidance, expertise, and environment upkeep. Because the best Scan & Go solutions are cloud-based and allow for remote troubleshooting, maintenance is simple and economical.

Moreover, having digital receipts conveniently stored within an app eliminates the need for endless paper receipts as well as the financial and environmental costs associated with printing them. 

Efficiency improvements

Reducing friction in the sales process allows for more and faster transactions, which meets customer demands for a seamless in-store experience. The implementation of Scan & Go technology can enhance retailer efficiency by enabling stores to be strategically designed to draw in customers and encourage repeat business. 

Promotions and loyalty

Customers can access enriched product information, reviews, ratings, tutorials, and more with the help of technology. Retailers can also integrate the technology with their loyalty program to offer a convenient digital loyalty card, and they can scan and go to highlight and provide promotions. Personalised notifications and advertisements can be pushed to shoppers based on their location through proximity-based in-store advertising. The retailer can retain current customers for a higher customer lifetime value by using these notifications to encourage a more tailored interaction with them.

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