5 innovative solutions in the Smart Gym industry: Staff Picked

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Smart gym and workout applications are technological advancements in the fitness industry that leverage digital tools and connectivity to enhance exercise experiences, track progress, and provide personalised training programs. These innovations aim to make workouts more engaging, efficient, and accessible for individuals of all fitness levels.

Smart gym often features high-tech equipment with sensors, monitors, and connectivity capabilities. These devices can track metrics such as heart rate, calories burned, repetitions, and form. They may also provide users with real-time feedback and guidance to optimise their workouts.

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Workout applications are available for smartphones and tablets, allowing users to access fitness programs and track their progress on the go. These apps often provide workout routines, exercise libraries, nutrition advice, and goal-tracking features. They may also incorporate social elements, such as sharing achievements or competing with friends.

The market continues to evolve, with new technologies and innovations continually emerging to enhance the fitness experience. As a matter of fact, we will include 5 examples in this article, which were identified thanks to a conversation between one of our clients’ and our Novable Agents.
I’m looking for companies that provide workout lessons through a smart gym app on smartphones. The company should provide a list of activities and the evolution of the results inside the app. All activities must be designed so that the user can do it by himself through videos, advice, and challenges”.

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1. 101Fit

101fit digitises your body in 3D so you can see your advancement visually. It enables you to notice changes that are invisible to the human eye. It involves more than just how many steps you take during the day. Getting tangible results is the goal. This cutting-edge body scanner for home collects all required metrics and, in combination with the app, tracks all of your body’s changes. Determine which of your efforts are the most successful!

  • Seeing visual progress is highly motivating
  • Localised and accurate information allows you to target and track specific areas
  • Receive faster feedback on your progress and figure out if you are on the right track
  • Set realistic goals that you can monitor with 101Fit

The process is as easy as it gets! Go around in front of the 101Fit, the sensor tracks and scans your body as you move, and your 3D body model is ready to explore in 101Fit within minutes.

2. Aaptiv

Aaptiv was founded in 2016 In order to provide individualised fitness training to everyone, not only the select few who can afford a personal trainer. The team developed an innovative method for exercising that uses audio-based training to lead you through each step in order to accomplish this goal. Aaptiv is currently among the most downloaded and well-rated audio and video-based fitness apps, with over 13 million downloads and over 50,000 five-star ratings.

“Personal training for every body and every goal”. With Aaptiv, you get unlimited access to thousands of audio and video workouts, created and guided by world class certified trainers. How does it work?

  • Enter your goals to find programs and workouts that fit your lifestyle and preferences
  • Choose a workout based on duration, trainer, music, etc.
  • Put on your headphones and let the trainers guide you through the whole workout

Stop staring at a screen or squinting at your phone. Aaptiv’s audio-based instruction and musical inspiration lets you move freely, focus on your form, and enjoy your surroundings. Stay at home, hit the gym, or get outside, you choose!

3. Centr

Centr helps people reach their full potential by providing the tools, motivation, and inspiration they need. The ultimate goal is to fuel new routines that lead to happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. 

What began as Chris Hemsworth’s personal path toward wellness has developed to motivate millions of people to achieve total well-being. Chris has always had a strong enthusiasm for health, but it wasn’t until he needed to train like a superhero that he made connections with top wellness professionals to help him reach his objectives.

Chris is committed to spreading this level of knowledge and transforming well-being to more people worldwide after experiencing the power of interrelated fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness while working with the finest of the best. What is included?

  • A personalised plan, including workouts, meals, and mindfulness to keep you on track daily
  • A customised grocery list based on your meals is created in seconds 
  • A track record of your progress, load, and reps
startup scouting for corporate innovation

4. Charity Miles

Charity miles is a fitness tracker app that empowers people to earn money for charity when they walk, run or bike. The company is partnered with over 40 of the world’s top charities and is supported by world-class sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, Brooks Running, Blueprint for Athletes, Varidesk, Del Monte Fresh and Sunniva Coffee. These sponsors receive unparalleled mobile engagement and social amplification with their community of active, healthy, socially conscious people. Charity Miles members have earned over $2.5 million for charity. They are regularly recognized as one of the top health and fitness apps.

5. Fwfg

Adriene Mishler is an American yoga instructor, actress, and entrepreneur, based in Austin, Texas. She produces and hosts Yoga With Adriene on YouTube and is co-founder of the yoga video subscription service Find What Feels Good. With over 12 million subscribers and over 600 videos, Yoga with Adriene ranks in the top 1000 most subscribed YouTube channels as of June 2022.

Fwfg offers 900 videos including yoga and meditation for all levels. Explore daily practices, workshops, in-depth learning, weekly or monthly accountability series, and an opportunity to connect with a one-of-a-kind global community.

Look for unique and hands-on opportunities to learn about and explore the body and what it means to be healthy. Talented and experienced trainers lead these seminars and workshops. You get first access to events, retreats, and training. Additionally, monthly personal vlogs and behind-the-scenes shorts are provided.

5. Fwfg

How amazing! With smart gym applications, users can access a wide range of virtual fitness classes and workout routines. These classes may be live-streamed or pre-recorded and cover various activities such as cardio, strength training, yoga, or dance. Therefore, users can follow along at their convenience and receive guidance from professional trainers.

Emerging technologies like VR and AR are being explored in the fitness space. VR can create immersive workout experiences by transporting users to virtual environments or engaging them in interactive games. AR overlays digital elements in the real world, offering guidance or visualisations during workouts.

The goal is to make fitness more accessible to a wider range of individuals. They eliminate the need for expensive gym memberships or specialised equipment, allowing people to exercise from the comfort of their homes or on the go. The convenience of workout apps enables flexibility in scheduling workouts and eliminates time constraints.

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