Read the press archives for Novable: an AI-powered startup and innovation scouting platform offering corporate clients an ultra-precise service! Read an article written for Sifted on corporate innovation challenges (the Financial Times-back online news about Startups in Europe). The main topic addressed was that more and more large companies are running startup programs, hackathons, and other types of venture labs. But we still believe they are not doing enough. Each and every large business has a role to play in fostering global innovation. If they don’t do that, there is always an unprecedented opportunity for companies that are small and medium-sized. AI Startups
In this article, we will explore 15 exciting AI startups from Belgium that are making waves in their respective fields and offering innovative solutions. IT Startups
This article showcases 15 of the most intriguing Information IT startups from Brussels that are reshaping the innovation landscape in Europe.
Gitex Global
Gitex Global est un salon mondial de la technologie, organisé par le Dubai World Trade Centre aux Émirats arabes unis!
VivaTech 2023
Une trentaine de jeunes pousses bruxelloises et wallonnes étaient présentes, cette semaine, à Paris pour le salon VivaTech.
Meet the innovative Information Technology startups transforming the Belgian scene. Novable is first on the list!
Novable, le Tinder de l'innovation
Novable aide les responsables de l'innovation et du corporate venturing à identifier les startups les plus pertinentes.
Novable, de Tinder van innovatie
Novable helpt innovation managers en corporate venturing experts om de meest relevante start-ups te identificeren.
imec istart participation
Imec istart's acceleration program was Novable's next step to reach new levels of growth and innovation. Thank you Bloovi for your words!
The Big Score 2022
The Big Score broke all the records in 2022. Thank you to Patrick Steinfort for spending a few words on what we do at Novable!
imec.istart acceleration program
Discover 10 new tech start-ups chosen for the imec.istart accelerator program to scale and break through internationally.
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