Read about the activities of Novable. One important activity is our discussion with Oana-Maria Pop, Head of Open Innovation at Hype, and Laurent Kinet, Co-founder & CEO at Novable. They share their perspectives on the topic of leveraging technologies for innovation. We wrote also about the first webinar we have organized. The webinar was called “Innovation and Corporate Venturing: The AI tipping point”. In the webinar took part Sander Van der Blonk CEO of Scoutely, and Olaf Maltha, Chief Product Officer of Scoutely. One of the main topic was how to establish great relationships with the startups. Additionally, another important topic discussed was why to invite the right stakeholders to the table.

Startup Scouting is vital with Novable
The landscape of innovation is transforming, as major corporations increasingly recognise the impact of efficient startup scouting. Don't be late!
The activity status of the companies you want to collaborate with is here! The index goes from 0 (not active) to 5 (very active).
Novable x Micropole innovation scouting
Micropole and Novable have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership that promises to reshape the landscape of innovation scouting.
Novable INSEAD Innovation club
Innovation is a key driver for growth. Increasingly, companies have started to build or expand their innovation capabilities, but some of their activities are still very little innovative on their own.