INSEAD Innovation Club Webinar

Novable INSEAD Innovation club

Innovation is a key driver for growth

— Webinar hosted by INSEAD Innovation Club on April 28th, 2021, moderated by Ioan Carpus (Six Path Consulting)

Increasingly, companies have started to build or expand their innovation capabilities. However, some of their activities are still very little innovative on their own. Because innovation is often seen as a creative process, “institutionalising” it may sound counter-intuitive or even dangerous.

Practice shows that having structures and processes in place can help make innovation efforts more effective and sustainable. For example, leveraging technologies (AI, cloud computing, etc.) or building entire programs for innovation can render impressive results.

Here is our discussion with Oana-Maria Pop, Head of Open Innovation at Hype, and Laurent Kinet, Co-founder & CEO at Novable, who will share their perspectives on this topic.

Laurent is a serial technology entrepreneur. He has founded, grown, and sold a couple of companies in the last 20 years. He now leads an AI-powered innovation scouting technology venture called Novable.

Oana is a social scientist and Open Innovation consultant. For the past 9 years, she’s worked at the intersection of science and practice to help organizations pursue more ambitious Open Innovation goals.

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