Novable x Micropole: a strategic partnership serving innovation

In a world characterised by relentless technological advancement, businesses must continually seek innovative solutions to remain competitive and relevant. Recognizing this imperative, Micropole and Novable have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership that promises to reshape the landscape of innovation scouting. Together, we are ready to revolutionise the way businesses identify and harness emerging technologies to meet their evolving needs.

Novable x Micropole collaboration

Micropole is an international consulting group specialising in the transformation of businesses through Data. It supports its clients with a global approach: data driven strategy, cloud acceleration, and digital business. From 14 agencies, in Europe and China, the group’s 1200 innovative people bring their expertise from consulting to implementation, to help their clients stay one step ahead and have a positive business impact through innovation Data. The company generates 40% of its turnover internationally and is listed on the Euronext Growth market.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

The genesis of collaboration

“We are proud to announce our collaboration with Novable, the startup that is revolutionising #innovation scouting by identifying the key players who will shape the future of your business!” 

These words from Micropole echo the enthusiasm and vision behind this partnership. Micropole has long been committed to leading the charge in innovation and emerging technologies. This collaboration with Novable reinforces their dedication to staying at the forefront of these rapidly changing domains.

Why Novable?

The foundation of this collaboration lies in Micropole’s innovation initiatives, which makes them the ideal partner for Novable’s cutting-edge technology and expertise. 3 pillars of the collaboration follow: 

  1. Advanced AI technology. Novable employs advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, including Large Language Models (LLM), to identify the most relevant startups precisely. This technology is the cornerstone of their innovation scouting, allowing them to sift through vast amounts of data with unprecedented precision.
  2. Speed and quality. Novable’s AI-driven approach ensures precision and accelerates the scouting process. The results are of higher quality than traditional consultancy methods and achieved 87% faster. This efficiency is a game-changer for businesses seeking swift access to groundbreaking technologies.
  3. Global reach. With an eye on the global stage, Novable monitors and contextualises data from a staggering 3 million innovative companies worldwide. This global reach is invaluable, enabling businesses to tap into innovation regardless of geographic boundaries.

The objective of the partnership

The primary objective of this collaboration is to empower transformation and innovation managers to identify and activate the most relevant technological innovations. In an era where businesses must adapt rapidly to shifting markets and consumer demands, the ability to access and apply the right technologies is paramount.

Micropole and Novable share a vision of facilitating this process by leveraging their combined expertise. Together, we aim to create innovative solutions that will shape the future of industries and enhance their clients’ competitiveness.

This partnership is not only embracing the future but actively shaping it, ensuring that businesses are well-equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow head-on. Together, we are empowering innovation and making the solutions of tomorrow accessible today!

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