All about Novable’s AI-powered startup scouting platform: step by step how to check if your idea already exists. Get your “Golden Basket” in seconds! The first step is to submit a new campaign. The second step is to select the campaign type. Write your idea afterward. The more you submit in your briefing, the better your results will match. Pay attention to covering one idea only per briefing. Identify the topics of your interest. Also, identify idea components. An idea always encompasses different components, at least two. Novable identifies the different clusters in your idea description and evaluates their relative importance from your text. You will receive your Golden Basket.

startup scouting
Startup scouting has been proven to be a great tool to find the next best partner. Find how AI adds value to this process.
startup scouting for corporate innovation
In 2021 and beyond, both data and technology are available to finally conduct startup scouting activities in a modern and efficient way. Artificial intelligence (data science in general, natural language processing in particular) is now everywhere - why couldn't it also be used for corporate venturing initiatives?
startup ideas
Ideas are protean and heterogenous, and their execution widely differs. This is where a background check is useful. Not only to check if your idea is unique (hint: it is not), but also to discover how it was deployed by a startup elsewhere.
Novable INSEAD Innovation club
Innovation is a key driver for growth. Increasingly, companies have started to build or expand their innovation capabilities, but some of their activities are still very little innovative on their own.