Read the latest insights on the activities of startup and innovation scouting. Bringing Artificial Intelligence in innovation and startup scouting is like having a consultant in a machine, or an Artificial Consultant that combines the best of both indeed:

On the one hand, the computer understands your briefing just like a human would do in a meeting room. You will speak with your natural language and the computer will deliver a human-level quality.
On the other hand, it’s still a computer with all the benefits that come with it. It works 24/7, is never out, never sick, delivers results at light speed. It also updates deliverables permanently, improves itself — all things allowed by computing power and big-data reach.

Effective innovation management is the key to establishing a system that encourages innovation on a regular basis.
Innovation management includes the decisions, activities, and practices associated with creating and carrying out an innovation strategy.
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