Read the latest insights on the activities of startup and innovation scouting. Bringing Artificial Intelligence in innovation and startup scouting is like having a consultant in a machine, or an Artificial Consultant that combines the best of both indeed:

On the one hand, the computer understands your briefing just like a human would do in a meeting room. You will speak with your natural language and the computer will deliver a human-level quality.
On the other hand, it’s still a computer with all the benefits that come with it. It works 24/7, is never out, never sick, delivers results at light speed. It also updates deliverables permanently, improves itself — all things allowed by computing power and big-data reach.

Learn why corporate innovation will allow you to create value for your customers, and how to benefit from it.
In this article, we propose a few suggestions on how to boost corporate innovation by implementing a customer-focused approach in your business.
Discover 10 organisations that went out of business because they didn't pursue corporate innovation, and learn how to avoid the same mistake.
corporate venturing for corporate innovation
In this article, we individuated 5 takeaways on how corporate venturing boosts corporate innovation, finally leading to financial success.
Novable’s Real-time Search provides instant results from a set of topics submitted to the platform in order to reach corporate innovation.
Find out 6 things you need to do when you start startup scouting to ensure the successful corporate innovation process.
From uncommon to most common ways that users utilize Novable's fastest corporate venture platform. Get inspired for your next search.
In 2021 and beyond, both data and technology are available to finally conduct startup scouting activities in a modern and efficient way. Artificial intelligence (data science in general, natural language processing in particular) is now everywhere - why couldn't it also be used for corporate venturing initiatives?
Ideas are protean and heterogenous, and their execution widely differ. This is where a background-check is useful. Not only to check if your idea is unique (hint: it is not), but also to discover how it was deployed elsewhere. At worst, you will change your mind; at best, you will get inspired from your peers...
A case of innovation scouting
Innovation initiatives around energy in the broadest sense are bubbling up everywhere, and are gaining visibility. Several governmental and non-governmental organisations are trying to structure this burgeoning field. Among them, the SolarImpulse Foundation deserves a closer look.
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