Novable's presence at VivaTech 2024

VivaTech 2024, the highly anticipated annual technology conference, concluded with an awe-inspiring display of groundbreaking innovations, thought-provoking discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. As a premier event for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, it brought together the brightest minds and showcased the latest advancements across various sectors.

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Novable is Going to Vivatech 2024

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Vivatech, Europe’s biggest startup and tech event, is back for its 8th edition from 22 to 25 May at Porte de Versailles in Paris.

As an innovation and transformation accelerator, VivaTech 2024 brings together startups, tech leaders, major corporations, public organisations, and investors worldwide. Over the four days, our time’s major challenges will be addressed and decisive solutions for businesses and society will be proposed.

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The contribution of the tech industry to societal issues is critical, especially in these turbulent times. New technologies, as well as the extraordinary advancement of artificial intelligence, provide new challenges. VivaTech opens up the future and provides some answers, particularly by assisting entrepreneurs through efficient and fruitful contacts.” – Maurice Lévy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Publicis Groupe & Pierre Louette, CEO of Les Echos-Le Parisien, co-organizers of the event.

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Novable's participation in Vivatech 2024

💡 Pitching at VivaTech 2024: An Introduction to the Corporate Venturing Framework. Hosted by Laurent Kinet (CEO at Novable). Get your copy here.

📍Belgium pavilion, Thu 23 at 15h30

Find the Novable team at booth C27-007. Connect with them through the Vivatech mobile app.

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Starting from a database of +3million companies, users easily find the perfect matches for their projects. How? The technology goes beyond keywords and encompasses each startup’s full activity data spectrum. Moreover, every Novable client has a dedicated Novable Agent to onboard teams on the platform, guide them through the intricacies of innovation and startup scouting, and provide all support needed at any time. Not just a search engine, nor just a database. Novable is an enterprise-grade scouting technology that delivers top-quality results based on your specific requirements. 

Key themes covering major issues for technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence already contributes to the bulk of human activities (Generative AI, education, services, science, etc.) and continues to advance rapidly, causing significant changes in the technological ecosystem. It represents a market share worth $500 billion USD today. Nonetheless, it poses numerous questions about the impact, prospects, but also risks, ethics, and regulation.

Energy/Climate tech

Climate Tech solutions are being developed in all markets to solve the difficulties of sustainability, assisting governments, consumers, and enterprises in responding to the climate issue and reducing their carbon footprint.


How people and goods move determines how well we live. When it comes to smart mobility, a wide range of solutions already exists. However, the implementation at scale often remains out of reach, and energy consumption remains unsustainable. VivaTech takes the sector pulse, examining what works and what doesn’t. Topics like where we’re at with new transportation opportunities, increased accessibility in cities, and TravelTech will be covered.


Explore the breakthroughs propelling us into the (not-so-distant) future. From brain-computer interfaces to new advances in quantum computing, these technologies are reshaping and extending human capabilities in unprecedented ways. Should we bet on them? What are the implications in terms of privacy and security?

Creators’ economy

From gaming and virtual reality to music and entertainment, dive into one of the most exciting ecosystems in tech. How are AI algorithms helping brands build personalised narratives? How are new platforms and formats redefining content creation? What are some of the biggest trends of virtual and live entertainment stages?

We are excited to take part in the biggest networking event of 2024. High-tech startups coming together to drive growth and success, and exchange ideas to better each other is something incredible that we can’t wait to witness!

vivatech 2024 program

May 22

From Risk to Reward: Filling the Climate Tech Funding Gap

Achieving net-zero objectives demands substantial financial commitments. Despite the impressive influx of over one trillion USD into energy transition technologies in 2022, the journey towards a sustainable future is far from complete. With the urgency of energy security escalating, the session delves into the pivotal role of venture capital, bolstered by public support, in propelling the pace of this vital transformation.

The Human-AI Synergy: Smart Devices for a Better Future

AI is transforming industries, boosting efficiency and inspiring new creative processes, with various cloud-based AI services for consumers. Device makers like HONOR are also bringing AI onto devices to empower people with better and safer user experiences. The session will dive into HONOR’s innovative approach to on-device AI, take you behind the scenes of the organisation’s AI strategy, and explore the potential for creating hybrid systems that will deliver new levels of convenience and protection for smart device users.

What’s Driving Femtech’s Growth?

The growth of femtech is not just a health matter but a significant business opportunity, tapping into a market that’s been underserved for too long. It challenges taboos and pushes for societal acceptance, with major companies integrating women’s health tracking into their devices and startups leading the way in innovation. What more can we do to ensure equitable access to femtech? And how can we guarantee solutions both respect user privacy and promote inclusivity?

May 23

Every Interaction Counts: Building the Future of Relational Marketing, From Consumer to Human Capital

With the rise of Gen Z, the explosion of messaging applications, and AI on the rise, relational marketing is called upon to reinvent itself. Being consumer-centric is undoubtedly the best way to effectively address these challenges. However, it requires a deep understanding of the evolving needs and behaviours of future generations and consumers more broadly. It entails being able to respond to them in real time and organising all marketing, technological, and data forces around interactions that are fair, relevant, and meaningful.

Can AI Help Us Speed Up the Energy Transition?

As machine learning models evolve and artificial intelligence becomes increasingly entrenched in society, the energy sector is also taking early steps to leverage this technology. The International Energy Agency reports that AI already serves over 50 diverse applications within the energy system, potentially reaching a market value of $13 billion. This raises crucial questions: From optimising renewable energy integration to predicting maintenance needs, what are the potential uses of AI across our power systems? How can we foster AI capacity building in developing nations to ensure an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable energy future? And given the computing power these algorithms need, how can we create (truly) energy-efficient AI solutions?

May 24

Farm to Fork: Can (Agri)Tech Help Reverse Climate Change Effects?

Feeding a growing global population while safeguarding the planet’s rapidly depleting ecosystems presents a monumental challenge. From regenerative agriculture techniques to more reliable environmental data infrastructures, what are the current advancements capable of reducing emissions, fostering sustainable practices, and enhancing food security? And how can we ensure that the technical and economic considerations necessary for widespread adoption are successfully addressed?

Blockchain in 2024: Pioneering the Future of Decentralized Innovation

Blockchain technology stands as a cornerstone of decentralised innovation, offering businesses a pathway to enhanced security, efficiency, and transparency. Its prowess lies in enabling trustless transactions, smart contracts, and immutable data storage, revolutionising sectors from finance to supply chain management. Despite recent cryptocurrency setbacks, blockchain’s underlying utility remains robust, with a growing emphasis on interoperability and sustainable solutions. As we navigate its evolution, questions of scalability, regulation, and integration with existing systems are paramount. How will blockchain’s potential reshape industries, and what safeguards are needed to bolster its trustworthiness amid market fluctuations?

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