Global Excellence Awards 2022

Best Use of Artificial Intelligence

Best Use of NLP

1st of December 2022 – The Artificial Intelligence Journal

Every year, the Artificial Intelligence Journal hosts the Global Excellence Awards, where they call different companies to submit their entry for the most high-performing teams and individuals, best practices, or best use cases. It is made up of 14 best-use case categories, 4 team and individual categories, and 3 company size categories. In this year’s edition, more than 250 companies from around the world participated, making it the biggest edition to date.

Technology is what powers the Artificial Intelligence portion of Novable. We are proud to have been among the finalists for Best use of NLP.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a component of Artificial Intelligence used to teach a computer program how to understand human language (as spoken and written) and is made up of two phases: data processing and algorithm development. Without getting into too many intricate details, the first step is about data collection and translation into useful information. The second part, algorithm development, is then used to process all the previously collected data through a natural language processing algorithm. 

Best Use of Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Journal’s Global Excellence Awards is a programme that recognises best practices, best use cases. It discovers high-performing teams and individuals from companies of all sizes around the world. If you want your business, team, individual recognised by a global audience, this is your opportunity to do so. Each category will be reviewed by judges with years of relevant experience in various global and local roles. The cost of each entry is £149. Zero additional fees for winning or being shortlisted to cover the admin costs of running the global recognition programme. The entry deadline for the 2022 programme is Sunday 29th July 2022. Any entries submitted after this date will not be counted. For this reason, we advise you to enter, pay, and submit as soon as possible. 

Best use of NLP finalists
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