Etex on boosting sustainability thanks to startup scouting

Etex for corporate innovation

Startup scouting or innovation scouting, through artificial intelligence, is making its way into big corporations’ lives to improve systems and time spent. This is no different in the building industry.

Why does Etex use Novable?

“One of the biggest challenges within this industry is sustainability”, explains Jean-Philippe Boisvert, innovation manager at Etex. With Novable’s startup scouting services, Etex finds relevant information and startups to partner with directly. “The focus, though, is not solely on finding startups but it can also be new technologies developed by manufacturers”, reported Mr. Boisvert during an interview. Furthermore, this highlights the possibility to pursue multiple strategies in parallel when  using the Novable platform.

Another reason why Etex uses Novable’s services has to do with the fact that innovative companies provided by the platform based on specific briefings are efficient and relevant. Additionally, the startup scouting tool has well designed ergonomics and features. Mr. Boisvert also stressed the importance of the combination of artificial and human intelligence, “a big part of our great relationship is the very good support of the team”.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

About Etex

Etex Group is an international construction company, founded in 1905 by Alphonse Emsens in Belgium. Among their different products, systems and materials, you can find façades, roofing and terraces using gypsum and plaster technologies. Etex “has pioneered modular lightweight solutions to build faster, more sustainable, resource friendly and affordable”, as you may read on their website. Additionally, Etex has more than 11.000 employees, obtained a revenue of 2.6 billion € in 2020 and operates in more than 42 countries in the world. 

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