Erika Piaz
Smart Gym solutions
Smart gym apps are technological advancements in the fitness industry that leverage digital tools and connectivity. Discover 5 examples!
Venture Clienting
Venture clienting has the benefit of giving corporates access to unique ideas while also providing startups with the necessary resources!
Novable at VivaTech 2023
Discover the key highlights, notable trends, and transformative ideas that emerged at VivaTech 2023. An explosion of incredible innovations!
VivaTech 2023
Une trentaine de jeunes pousses bruxelloises et wallonnes étaient présentes, cette semaine, à Paris pour le salon VivaTech.
LOIC - AI impact on corporate innovation
How is AI impacting corporate innovation? 5 concrete examples are provided in this article - Luxembourg Open Innovation Club (LOIC)
innovation management methods
The final step in developing an innovation management strategy is formalising the methodologies used and creating a valuable final result.
Effective innovation management is the key to establishing a system that encourages innovation on a regular basis.
Innovation management includes the decisions, activities, and practices associated with creating and carrying out an innovation strategy.
The world's largest corporations need creativity, new approaches, and an entrepreneurial attitude. Startup sourcing plays a key role in that!
Meet the innovative Information Technology startups transforming the Belgian scene. Novable is first on the list!
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