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This strategy is effective because it attracts customers and guarantees a memorable experience, establishing an emotional bond with the brand. The technique entails planning a variety of offline events, such as product showcases, in-store activities, and samplings, helping companies to better understand their customers’ needs, and building trusting relationships with their audience. 

Many businesses are now collaborating with fragrance experts to develop ambient scents that precisely elicit a certain sensation in their location. 
According to a 2006 Columbia University study, “on average, each person breathes 20.000 times a day, and with each breath comes a chance to pitch a product because the sense of smell cannot be turned off”.

olfactory marketing for corporate innovation

Source: https://us.moodmedia.com/scent/scent-research/

Our Novable Agents were able to identify three companies showing interest in this technique. Can olfactory marketing lead to corporate innovation? Discover how they are implementing this new approach to their business strategy, in order to better engage their customers.

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1. Prolitec

Prolitec offers ambient aroma experiences in collaboration with Firmenich. The team of US-based engineers creates computer-controlled solutions that enable remotely managed, evenly perfumed environments. This allows businesses to keep the main focus on their work while easing the breathing of their customers. Prolitec helps businesses’ customers and employees experience indoor aromas that trigger feelings of well-being, a peaceful sense of cleanliness, and relaxation, without open flames, allergens, or harmful VOCs. According to one of their clients, “the specific scent helps our stores to diversify from competing shops and brands and provides the customer better identification with the brand” (Jan Lansberg). 

2. Olaroma Technology

Olaroma Technology provides the most cutting-edge patented solution to stimulate the sense of smell, with more than 200 different scents. Unlike other solutions, in Olaroma the scents are not heated up, because it would result in a quality loss. Hence, they offer a 100% real smell, through a silent yet powerful fan, providing the fastest scent diffusion rate on the market. Since smell cannot be electrically replicated, Olarama uses ultra-realistic scents. As stated on their website, nothing strengthens your brand and improves customer satisfaction like the power of fragrance. The main areas of applications are virtual reality rooms, movies and videos, interactive smells, events, and sensorial stimulation. A technology taking corporate innovation to the next level.

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

3. Inhalio

Inhalio is a world pioneer in digital scent systems, with its Digital Smell 3.0 Platform. It enables major enterprises to enter the IoT Home & Automotive industries. It is able to offer beautiful fragrances and improve in-car experiences while assisting health, wellness, and wellbeing solutions. All of this is thanks to the use of intelligent scent cartridge technology and digital dry-air dispersion.

Using a data-centric approach of precise scent infusion, molecular dry-air diffusion, and in-depth client insights, Inhalio concentrates on the science of scent. For instance, Rideshare passengers can choose from 4 different fragrances that promote wellbeing, get rid of odours, or lessen moderate motion sickness via a smartphone app. Riders can release the ideal aroma to create a particular experience, a clear example of a great corporate innovation strategy.

Experiential marketing delivers greater value to the consumer by transcending the functional attributes of a market offer and differentiating it from the competition

A scent-conscious business, for example, can boost productivity by spraying particular fragrances across offices. According to a Japanese study, typing errors were reduced by 54% for employees who worked in lemon-scented offices, isn’t it interesting? Moreover, a positive correlation between coffee scent and productivity has been proven by previous research

Ambient fragrances can also persuade customers to spend more money on a product, as well as spend more time in a store.

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