Vivatech 2023: Novable joins Europe's biggest startup and tech event

Vivatech, Europe’s biggest startup and tech event, is back for its 7th edition from 14 to 17 June at Porte de Versailles in Paris.

As an innovation and transformation accelerator, VivaTech brings together startups, tech leaders, major corporations, public organisations, and investors from around the world. Over the four days, our time’s major challenges will be addressed and decisive solutions for businesses and society will be proposed.

Viva Technology 2023

The contribution of the tech industry to societal issues is critical, especially in these turbulent times. New technologies, as well as the extraordinary advancement of artificial intelligence, provide new challenges. VivaTech opens up the future and provides some answers, particularly by assisting entrepreneurs through efficient and fruitful contacts.” – Maurice Lévy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Publicis Groupe & Pierre Louette, CEO of Les Echos-Le Parisien, co-organizers of the event.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

Novable's participation to the 2023 Vivatech event

You will find the Novable team there ready to help anyone in innovation! Novable gives you access to the smartest corporate venturing platform on Earth, complementing our AI-powered matching engine (DeepMatching™) with the expertise of a dedicated team going the extra mile to deliver in-depth validation and vetting solutions.

Starting from a database of +2million companies, users easily find the perfect matches for their projects. How? The DeepMatching™ technology goes beyond keywords and encompasses each startup’s full activity data spectrum. Moreover, every Novable client has a dedicated Novable Agent to onboard teams on the platform, guide them through the intricacies of innovation and startup scouting, and provide all support needed at any time. Not just a search engine, nor just a database. Novable is an enterprise-grade scouting technology delivering top-quality results based on your specific requirements. 

Our mission is to help innovation professionals put innovation on their agenda and connect with the most relevant innovative companies to drive growth, transformation, and corporate development strategies. We want them to invest their resources in efficient, quality-driven tools and services. If you want to know more, book a meeting with us at the Vivatech event by choosing the slot that better fits your schedule. See you there!

Key themes covering major issues for technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence already contributes to the bulk of human activities (Generative AI, education, services, science, etc.) and continues to advance rapidly, causing significant changes in the technological ecosystem. It represents a market share worth $500 billion USD today. Nonetheless, it poses numerous questions about the impact, prospects, but also risks, ethics, and regulation.

Energy/Climate tech

Climate Tech solutions are being developed in all markets to solve the difficulties of sustainability, assisting governments, consumers, and enterprises in responding to the climate issue and reducing their carbon footprint.

Inclusion and diversity

Entrepreneurs are redesigning education, training, and employment to contribute to the positive transformation of the workplace by combining new technology, answers to human resource demands, and societal concerns. VivaTech believes that technology can help businesses improve their inclusion and diversity efforts.

Exciting news! A FemTech village will be built in the heart of VivaTech for the first time. Women’s well-being, menstrual health, reproduction and contraception, pregnancy and nursing, mental health, and other issues will be covered. In collaboration with FemTech France, a challenge for entrepreneurs proposing innovations in women’s health will be organised. A dozen startups will be chosen and offered a boot camp to help them grow their businesses.

More than 3,000 girls and young women from all over Europe will also be attending the event to encourage career development, break down stereotypes and gain insight into the digital industries. Other initiatives will include the Female Founder Challenge (an award that aims to accelerate the funding of women-led startups and encourage investment funds to commit to greater gender equality at all levels), which is returning for its 5th edition; or a new Impact Builder acceleration program with DiversiDays for underrepresented entrepreneurs in tech.”

June 14th - HR Summit

What kind of challenges HR Directors have to face in 2023?

Quiet quitting: enhance the employee experience to re-engage your employees?

Remote working: how to keep your employees’ commitment and sense of belonging?

Winning the war for Digital talents

How will Web3 change HR?

Diversity & Inclusion: The “new” core value

June 15th - CDO Summit

What kind of challenges do CDOs have to face in 2023?


Data & Analytics

Applications & New technologies (strategies, architecture, integration platforms, use of AI, metaverse, open source software…)

Make Digital a strategic component of growth / Impulse a Digital Culture

June 15th - CDO Summit

What kind of challenges do CMOs have to face in 2023?

Customer Experience

Marketing x AI / Generative AI Revolution

Incorporating new technologies (metaverse, IA…)

Marketing Operations

ESG Marketing best practises

Marketing in a Decentralised World

Sports & Marketing

Future of Media

Brands meet Hollywood

We are excited to take part in the biggest networking event of 2023. High-tech startups coming together to drive growth and success, and exchange ideas to better each other is something incredible that we can’t wait to witness!

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