Innovation in action: Novable's impactful presence at VivaTech 2023

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VivaTech 2023, the highly anticipated annual technology conference, recently concluded with an awe-inspiring display of groundbreaking innovations, thought-provoking discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. As a premier event for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, it brought together the brightest minds and showcased the latest advancements across various sectors.

vivatech 2024

The Novable team had much fun at the Belgian booth. Positive energy and a sweet waffle smell! Innovative startups and cutting-edge solutions from Belgium’s thriving tech ecosystem for an inspiring environment, to say the least. It served as a platform for Belgian companies to network, exhibit products and services to innovation professionals, and attract potential investors and partners. What more could you ask for when working in the innovation field?

Belgian Booth VivaTech 2024

Mathieu Michel visiting the Novable booth at VivaTech 2023

In this article, we will explore the key highlights, notable trends, and transformative ideas that emerged from the event. 

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

Novable and Bloomflow come together at VivaTech 2023

The conference commenced with captivating opening remarks that set the stage for an immersive experience. Esteemed keynote speakers, including industry titans, renowned innovators, and visionaries, graced the stage to share their insights. They provided a glimpse into the future and discussed the crucial role of technology in addressing global challenges.

Novable and Bloomflow - VivaTech 2023

Novable and Bloomflow came together to present “Fostering Synergies: Leveraging Structured Startup Collaborations for Corporate Success”. Speakers: Maxence Boullet, Manuel Hellendorff, and Laurent Kinet. During the talk, the following points have been covered:

  • Strategies to identify and leverage startup collaborations
  • Overcoming challenges and maximising the benefits
  • Real-life success stories from Novable and Bloomflow’s collaborative journeys
  • The Impact of structured collaborations on corporate ecosystems

Whether you’re a corporate professional seeking innovation opportunities or a startup founder looking to understand the corporate landscape, you don’t want to miss the recording of this interesting talk!

Important innovation discoveries at VivaTech 2023

VivaTech 2023 featured an expansive exhibition area that showcased groundbreaking innovations from both established tech giants and emerging startups. Attendees were treated to a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including AI, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and more. The exhibition offered a hands-on experience, allowing visitors to witness the transformative potential of these technologies across diverse industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The focus of day 1 was Artificial Intelligence. AI already contributes to the bulk of human activities and continues to advance rapidly. It represents a market share worth $500 billion USD today. Nonetheless, it poses numerous questions about the impact, prospects, but also risks, ethics, and regulation.

AI - VivaTech 2023

“The only thing AI won’t predict is what AI will become,” Jacques Attali

While AI applications are becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, numerous constraints related to knowledge interpretation hinder AI from achieving human intelligence. Most human knowledge has nothing to do with language, and AI systems do not capture that aspect of human experience. They lack bodily intuition.

“People are working on providing a new generation of AI systems with the ability to learn from video, including us at Meta. It is considerably more difficult to train a machine to look at a video than it is to train it to look at the text to forecast the next world.” 

If, as Jacques Attali believes, AI is a necessary future, it must be restrained by counter-powers. “We are doomed if we look at technology without regard for ethics. Who will draw the borders? Counter-forces are required to prevent engineers from acting alone.” More information here.

Energy/Climate tech

Climate Tech solutions are being developed in all markets to solve the difficulties of sustainability, assisting governments, consumers, and enterprises in responding to the climate issue and reducing their carbon footprint.

“The decarbonization battle has started,” Cyril Garcia.

We have produced so many greenhouse gases that lowering emissions alone will not be enough to reverse the trend of climate change. Can we decarbonize the Earth?

“We live in a world where customer satisfaction is fueled by speed and immediacy, which have been developed by marketing campaigns over the last 80 years,” Garcia explained. “I have no doubt that technology will assist us in reaching net zero very soon. My main concern is how we can drive this marketing machine while also changing our minds and culture.”  

Several game-changing decarbonization technologies are now available to us, including carbon capture and storage, carbon capture and utilization, and direct air capture and sequestration. However, their progress is inextricably linked to the deployment of renewable energies. Therefore, governments in Europe might play an important role in advancing climate technology by defining places where it would be more prudent to support solar panels or hydrogen production, for example, based on climatic and environmental conditions. More information here.

Inclusion and diversity

Entrepreneurs are redesigning education, training, and employment to contribute to the positive transformation of the workplace by combining new technology, answers to human resource demands, and societal concerns. VivaTech believes that technology can help businesses improve their inclusion and diversity efforts.

Exciting news! A FemTech village was built in the heart of VivaTech for the first time. Women’s well-being, menstrual health, reproduction and contraception, pregnancy and nursing, mental health, and other issues have been covered.

Inclusion and Diversity - VivaTech 2023

“In the future, there won’t be a difference between sport and e-sport because sport will be fully connected,” Jean Mariotte

Different guests addressed the growth of e-sports and reflected on how to increase the effect and viewership of it. Moreover, they discussed how to interact with traditional sports, and be more inclusive, given that women account for only 0.5% of professional e-sport players today. 

“As the industry of e-sports matures, we have changed our approach,” stated Maurer. “If we go back 10 years and look at how we created the performance, it was very amateur.” It was essentially talented gamers playing games for long periods of time. We gradually began to incorporate performance components, such as coaches and performance personnel. Today, what makes the difference at the greatest level of performance.” More information here.

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

Sustainability and social impact at VivaTech 2023

VivaTech 2023 truly emphasised the importance of sustainability and social impact in technology. Several exhibitors and sessions focused on solutions addressing climate change, renewable energy, responsible consumption, and societal challenges. From eco-friendly innovations to initiatives fostering inclusivity and diversity, VivaTech showcased how technology can be harnessed for the betterment of the world.

H1st Vision - VivaTech 2023

Source: H1st Vision

Talking about sustainability and green mobility, one of the highlights has been the launch of H1st Vision. 

Software République backed by the Renault group has introduced a concept car called the H1st Vision, also known as the Human First Vision. The car was developed over six months. 

H1st Vision has an SUV-like body. Some features include a driver and vehicle health monitor, predictive alarms for passenger and driver safety, and a biometric access control system. As a matter of fact, the biometric access control system recalls the owner’s walking habits and unlocks the car using facial recognition, name, and height, removing the need for a traditional key fob. A “Digital ID wallet” is included in the car’s interface to ease car sharing and rental.

A 16-speaker sound system inside the vehicle allows each passenger to conduct private phone calls by playing sounds through their headrest speakers while cancelling out frequencies near other passengers. The driver receives real-time information on weather and traffic conditions via live data tracking. 

Sustainability and social impact at VivaTech 2023

The H1st Vision outperforms the General Safety Regulations 2 (GSR2) requirements imposed for vehicles in the European Union in terms of safety. It monitors the driver’s respiration and pulse rate, making suggestions for altering interior illumination and temperature, as well as proposing breathing exercises.

It also includes vehicle-to-grid charging capabilities, allowing it to power external items such as homes during power outages. An autonomous energy management system manages the car’s electricity consumption, charging the battery during times of low demand and lower costs and powering the home during peak-rate periods. How amazing! You can watch the launch video here.

vivatech 2023

VivaTech 2023 pushed the boundaries of innovation and brought together the global tech community. With its stellar lineup of speakers and groundbreaking technologies, the conference successfully showcased the transformative power of technology. VivaTech 2023 left us inspired, motivated, and armed with the knowledge and connections to shape the future of technology and society at large. As we eagerly anticipate VivaTech 2024, it is clear that the conference will continue to be at the forefront of shaping the world’s technological landscape.

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