5 Innovative solutions for cybersecurity

The growth and expansion of the internet came with many benefits for our society. It opened a whole new world of opportunities. However, to this day, many people do not understand the threats it can bring to our ever-digitalised world. For this reason, we decided to talk about cybersecurity in the following article. 

cybersecurity for corporate innovation

Source: https://www.eccouncil.org/cybersecurity-exchange/career-and-leadership/effective-cybersecurity-risk-management-checklist/ 

The first computer virus, the Creeper, was created in 1971 by Bob Thomas. It was designed to test the theory of self-replicating automata. Although this first virus did not have a malicious intent, it opened the gate for the First Trojan, Cascade virus, the LoveLetter virus, and many more.

The problem, however, did not stop there. Governments, banks, armed forces, as well as private and public companies started to fear the power of this technology. Any company, big or small, has valuable information in the form of customer, employee or other organisations’ data. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have adequate protection. Not doing so would have major costs and liabilities for the company at hand. Moreover, cyberattacks are not just an issue for the above-mentioned institutions and companies, they are becoming a problem for the growing autonomous driving technologies as well.

Luckily, with the growth of these new threats, appropriate solutions were developed – computer forensics, social engineering, web application firewalls, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning…

Finding a needle in a haystack is very time-consuming and costly. That’s why the Agents used the Novable platform to find the top 5 companies specialised in the industry. 

startup scouting for corporate innovation

1. Tantivity

Tantivity is a UK-based security company wanting to improve cyber resilience. They provide experts and share their proprietary approaches to “initiate cultural change, deliver security projects and implementations”. At Tantivity, they highly prioritise collaboration and transparency.

2. Telsy

Telsy was founded in 1971, when the first safety product ever was launched. It was the first company to propose the encryption principle. At first, products were limited to the protection of telephone and radio communications but soon expanded with the growth of new telecommunication technologies. It offers prevention, monitoring, detection, and response services.

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

3. Cybersafe Solutions

Cybersafe Solutions is a company actively working in risk assessment and mitigation, penetration testing, and breach and attack simulation. “Providing every organisation with the expertise to detect and respond to the dynamically evolving cyber threats of today and tomorrow” is their vision statement. They offer different solutions including dark web and network security monitoring in order to reach that.

4. Group-IB

This company, founded in 2003, has a very clear mission and vision: eliminating fraud, protecting brands worldwide, and counteracting cyberattack, according to their website. To achieve this, Group-IB offers many products and services including hi-tech crime investigation– counting with +1,300 successful investigations, education and training, and fraud protection.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

5. Ackcent

Ackcent is a company founded in Barcelona, exclusively specialising in providing services and solutions to protect its clients against any cyberattack. Among its clients you can find brands such as ISDIN, Vichy Catalan, and Randstad. According to their website, “Ackcent offers the right balance of experts, processes, and technologies to deliver the best spectrum of cybersecurity services”. 

Business executives nowadays shouldn’t have to constantly think about cybersecurity. However, the industry has developed in such a way that it protects the infrastructure rather than the real business risk: transmitted information. What a revolution it would be to prioritise data protection over data loss prevention. 

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