What is Novable used for? 15 use cases from our clients

Discover how Novable clients use our startup scouting platform to feed their corporate venture strategy

Novable is the fastest corporate venturing platform on earth. By combining AI-powered technology with our people’s expertise, we deliver innovation professionals with the most relevant startups to feed their transformation or growth strategies.

Novable offers multiple possibilities under one roof. Let’s browse 15 of the most frequent use cases we’ve seen on our platform. Some of them are obvious, some others are… surprising!

1. Get an inspiration flow

Explore and discover innovative companies in specific domains, industries, topics, technologies or locations. Ensure a permanent innovation supply chain with startup scouting to get inspired from external initiatives.

2. Set up an innovation culture

We are not the only ones saying that innovation is becoming one of the most important focus points within a company. Additionally, it is becoming a big competitive advantage in any industry too.

3. Find specific solutions

Specific problems require specific solutions and at Novable we offer multiple solutions. Find them on our platform!

4. Monitor a specific topic

Set up permanent radars and get notified when new entrants or signals blip on your screen. Map out a given topic, domain, technology or location.

5. Anticipate competition threats

Monitor your competition and global environment. Anticipate disruptive threats and mitigate strategic risks.

6. Landscape strategic fields

7. Find M&A targets

8. Identify new strategic partners

Find opportunities and identify potential partners, identify innovative suppliers you did not know about, find new technologies, products, services, skills and competences. Receive potential new strategic suppliers in real-time or in a couple of hours (emergency supply) or find alternative and substitutes to existing suppliers.

9. Ensure a bridge between procurement and open innovation

Complete your portfolio with missing suppliers

10. Ensure a constant deal flow

11. Fill-in startup programs

12. Check if an idea already exists

Your idea, most likely, already exists. However, you can find inspiration by reading which technologies are being used or how other have executed this idea. Make sure to read a previous blog post about this topic, where we go more into detail.

13. Retrieve insights on a fund’s portfolio items

Bring valuable insights at board meetings. Monitor each of your invested startup’s competitive environment, and bring insights during board meetings.

14. Receive alerts when new startups fall into your investment thesis

15. Feed your thoughts with related materials