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We all look for a product-market fit, but anything comes from an initial idea. It’s amazing to see entrepreneurs having the weirdest ideas, eventually turning into actual companies. Bringing corporate innovation to success can be an incredible journey!

Let’s take computers as an example. In the early 19th century, computers were mainly used by mathematicians to solve difficult and tedious problems. Fast forward to the early 20th century, the first electrical computer was born and was further developed into personal computers in the 80s. Today, almost every household owns at least one computer. Do you really think people thought this crazy invention would result in one of the most successful industries in the world? Some did, and some truly didn’t. Computers were indeed a big hit but, just as many made the cut, a lot of others didn’t, like these TV glasses.

weirdest companies

Our Novable Agents put the algorithms to work to find interestingly weird companies that might be the next big hit for what regards corporate innovation.

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1. JoinMyWedding

JoinMyWedding was created to exchange and immerse oneself into Indian culture. As the name suggests, this company allows foreigners to participate in an Indian wedding while traveling through India. The love for their own culture encourages Indian couples to participate. 

2. Elysium Space

Elysium Space offers families the ability to send a symbolic portion of cremated remains into the eternal wonders of the night sky, forever in remembrance of our dearly departed”. You can send the remains to Earth’s orbit, and see them come back as a shooting star (Shooting Star Memorial). As an alternative, you can choose a Lunar Memorial, and send them to the moon.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

3. Celestis

Celestis Earth Orbit service gives the possibility to pay a wonderful tribute to your loved ones, by sending their ashes to space. Family and friends reunite at the launch site, joining space experts and astronauts for a 3-days celebration of life, exploration, and remembrance. On launch day, they have the opportunity to witness the liftoff of the rocket containing the ashes. Once in orbit, the spacecraft continues its mission for months or even years, to finally reenter and burn like a shooting star. 

4. Cuddle Up To Me

Samantha Hess started Cuddle Up To Me in 2013 after realizing how limiting the lack of touch in her life was. The mission of this startup is to change the world by breaking down the cultural taboo on touch. “Teaching people how to communicate and understanding their wants and needs for touch will bring people closer together in new and unexpected ways”. 

5. Bird Control Group

Bird Control Group offers laser technology for effective bird control. The concept behind is that when the laser moves toward the birds, it activates their natural flight response, causing them to flee. Sight is birds’ most developed sense. Therefore, they perceive laser lights on the green spectrum as physical objects. After many years dedicated to research, this company was able to develop the ultimate laser bird repellent. In order to do so, they combined precise optics, filtering, and light frequencies. A perfect example of corporate innovation, while maintaining the safety of birds and of humans as well.

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6. ManServant

A ManServant is a gentleman treating women like queens. So ladies, read carefully. “Turn up the heat at events”. This company offers different services with the purpose of creating attraction for your initiatives, or simply “decorate” your event with friendly, loving, and funny gentlemen. What better way to celebrate your Bachelorette party than having a couple of gentlemen making sure no one’s glass is empty, while making compliments of adoration to your guests? If this is not one of the weirdest companies in the market, I don’t know what is. 

7. PavLok

PavLok is “the world’s best waking up device”, which can help you in becoming more productive, mindful, and relaxed. I guess everyone needs it, then. The PavLok community promotes mindfulness, the implementation of good habits, and the retention of focus. The latest device, Pavlok 3, is water resistant, has three programmable buttons, and is characterized by an elegant design available in three colors (black, silver, and rose gold). 

8. PlayDate

The world’s smartest pet camera, PlayDate, allows you to interact with your pet from anywhere. The only thing you need to do is set up your PlayDate Smart ball at home, open the app on your phone, and have fun with your loved pet. The Smart ball is protected with a strong, chew-resistant polycarbonate shell, in order for it to be durable and pet-safe. Moreover, you can also speak to your pets, and hear their replies thanks to the two-way audio function. 

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9. Solar Foods

Solar Foods has developed an innovative method for producing a natural protein using only power and air. It is basically a whole new type of food that is natural, can taste like anything, and doesn’t rely on land, agriculture, or aquaculture. The bioprocess utilizes direct-air capture, natural fermentation, and renewable energy to produce the world’s most sustainable protein. This represents a clear example of how corporate innovation is applied to environmental concerns. 

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