Innovation Roundtable Fall 2022 main takeaways

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The Innovation Roundtable Summit is the world’s largest conference for innovation executives of major global corporations: the perfect opportunity to dig deeper into growth, transformation, and corporate innovation. It offers the possibility to network with corporate leaders in different industries from all around the world through presentations, labs, and roundtable discussions. 

This event facilitates connections between professionals working in the innovation field. An environment where they can hear from executive speakers about corporate innovation practices, engage in discussions about chosen innovation topics, and exchange experiences with peers. 

International enterprises, fresh perspectives, creative sources of inspiration. The perfect combination for boosting corporate innovation within your organisation. For this reason, we decided to share the main Innovation Roundtable Summit 2022 takeaways with you in the following article.

Innovation Roundtable for Corporate Innovation
startup scouting for corporate innovation

Novable as a sponsor - Caspar’s experience

This year, Novable participated as one of the sponsors of this prestigious event. Our Sales Manager, Caspar, had the opportunity to interact with several attendees, as well as to assist to many presentations. 

What positively impacted Caspar was the honest and creative atmosphere surrounding the whole venue. Presentations that felt more like open and honest conversations about corporate innovation and how to achieve it through implementing collaborative strategies. Something that we, at Novable, truly resonate with. 

Nowadays, every company should strive to foster effective workplace collaboration because the advantages will show up in the outcomes generated by the whole team.  Moreover, thanks to the several workshops and labs, attendees had the possibility to share their challenges and frustrations, and find concrete solutions together. Proof of the inclusion of a more practical approach as well.

Innovation as a multidisciplinary concept - key topics

Source: Key Topics

Mauro Porcini discussed how to plan and establish an organisational culture that supports an innovation strategy that is human-centric. Something we already touched on on different occasions.  He explained how to deal with change resistance, cross organisational boundaries, and unite disparate populations. To do so, he took advantage of the experience gained by working at PepsiCo and 3M.

Businesses that successfully adopt an innovation culture are automatically characterised by competitive advantage compared to their rivals. This setting not only naturally encourages creative thinking and the exchange of disruptive ideas, but it also has a significant impact on worker engagement and productivity. Companies that foster a strong innovation culture and program tend to be the most successful.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

Jenn Gustetic discussed how NASA chooses concepts and works with the ecosystem to create fresh technologies for its portfolio. She described how the company promotes teamwork, co-invests in the transition of ideas from the lab to the marketplace, and serves as the ecosystem’s hub and spoke.

When it comes to releasing the hidden potential of data to empower societies, human-centricity is a game-changer. Human-centricity can inspire new ideas and paradigms for innovation, therefore increasing the number of opportunities. Not an enemy of economic objectives, but all the opposite.

Shahab Salemy went into depth on Nike’s experience with digital transformation, including how the company has modified its strategy and organisational structure, integrated digital into the operations, developed digital skills, and quickly accelerated the transformation process. Moreover, he discussed the journey’s lessons learned, the organisation’s use of AI and data, and its partnerships with startups. 

The concept of digital transformation is becoming more and more important in the business strategy field. Startups have a distinct advantage in this highly competitive climate. The adoption of new technology and innovation are two essential drivers of rapid growth, risk reduction, and lasting successful results. It is nice to hear talking about the importance of partnering up with startups to fight change resistance at events like this one!

We shared more insights and behind the scenes of the event on our LinkedIn profile! 

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