5 innovative solutions in the lab-grown meat industry

Lab-grown meat is a trendy technology. It allows scientists to extract a sample of cells from a living animal and cultivate it to grow outside of the animal’s body. Consumers would still enjoy the same flavour in their hamburgers and fish fillets, and no animals would need to be involved in the process. This totally resonates with our definition of corporate innovation.

Over the past two decades, the idea of lab-grown meat has gained popularity. Consumers’ access to this innovative alternative is rapidly approaching as several startups compete to put it on the market. This is understandable, considering that millions of animals could save a lifetime of pain. 

Lab-grown meat corporate innovation

Source: https://www.foodincanada.com/features/the-food-safety-advantages-of-lab-grown-meat/

Major meat producers frequently argue that factory farming is the most effective method of supplying the world’s need for meat. However, research demonstrates that these facilities are terrible for the surrounding communities, the environment, and animal welfare

For this reason, today we decided to talk about 5 startups working in the industry, carefully selected by our Novable Agents using our startup scouting tool. It is time to investigate potential alternatives we can benefit from which allow companies to invest in corporate innovation and differentiate from competitors.

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

1. Meatable

Meatable wants to “satisfy the world’s appetite for meat without harming people, animals, or the planet”. How do they reach this objective? First, a sample is taken from an uninjured pig or cow. Then, they combine the two components to create flesh by simulating the normal process of muscle and fat formation. Actual, succulent, and delectable meat. The process is complete in only a few weeks, while it takes a cow around three years to generate enough meat to be slaughtered.

2. Animal alternative technologies

Animal alternative technologies is a B2B technology-licensing startup created by the University of Cambridge. It was developed by bioengineers and scientists passionate about employing cutting-edge technology to preserve our planet. In order to obtain the best results, they collaborate in partnership with world-leading expert advisers. Their goal? To make it scalable. 

To make cultured meat a commercial reality, this procedure must be both cost-effective and sustainable, using technology and knowledge that is not currently available. By conducting ground-breaking research and creating a whole ecosystem for the production of culture meat, they hope to democratise access to sustainable food, as well as address the most urgent global environmental concerns.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

3. Novel Farms

Novel Farms mission is to introduce gastronomic treasures into the future of food, by creating cultured meats that will be difficult to refuse. Starting from ordinary pork for then moving on to Iberian pork, one of the most prised and exquisite meats in the world. The Black Iberian stands out for its unusually marbled and oleic acid-rich flesh. 

They took corporate innovation to the next level. To create full pieces of premium cultured meat, they generate cells from the world’s most noble and esteemed animal breeds. They are confident cultivated beef will boost food safety throughout the planet, significantly cut carbon emissions as well as land use, and provide the amount of protein necessary to feed a growing population.

4. Mogale Meat Co

Mogale Meat’s purpose is “to innovate and augment traditional food supply chains, proactively address UN SDG challenges, and support the conservation of Africa’s biodiversity for future generations”.

They want to make sure all people have access to high-quality meat. Food security in Africa is a big issue. Therefore, creating local meat and preserving the unique wildlife reserves at the same time would represent a real step forward. As a matter of fact, their corporate culture is focused on using cutting-edge scientific research and innovation to enhance the health, socioeconomic, and environmental impacts of consumer meat products.

Lab-grown meat corporate innovation

Source: Mogale Meat

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

5. Biotech Foods

Biotech Foods is among the global leaders in developing technology for the creation of cultured meat. Their technology is based on methods that are commercially viable. 

The method they use is based on in vitro cell culture techniques, in order to grow cells away from their native habitat. To provide a pleasant and secure environment for natural proliferation and healthy tissue growth, they make sure to control their physicochemical parameters.

Lab-grown meat corporate innovation

Lab-grown meat is real meat. The method by which it reaches your plate makes a difference: while traditional meat comes from an animal that is raised and killed for human use, lab-grown meat is made from cells that are taken from a living animal. Corporate innovation can be translated into showing more compassion for what and who surrounds us.  

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