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How we, humankind, can make the planet and our environment a better place has been an ongoing and hot discussion. Many, even though having heard about the topic numerous times, still neglect or do not realize the great consequences their actions entail. The collection of data is crucial during this process, because it can greatly help companies to predict or further study certain issues and how to prevent or deal with them. That is the reason why some companies have turned to artificial intelligence, to collect data for different purposes faster and more efficiently. 

Here is a list of companies using AI found thanks to Novable’s platform. These companies put their effort into ensuring our planet will have a better and healthier environment.

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

1. Reef.io

This company, founded in the Netherlands, “supports reef conservation projects around the world and advocates for participatory science”. The artificial intelligence technology is used to analyze and synthesize data collected by a group of experts with access to coral reefs. For more information visit reef.support.

2. StormQuant

This American company uses combined radars, antenna and satellite expertise to predict weather patterns to then prevent some of its adverse effects and “help protect people and the environment from harm”, according to their website.

startup scouting for corporate innovation

3. DeepMind

According to experts, buildings are responsible for one-fifth of the world’s total carbon emission, and some companies, such as DeepMind are tackling this issue using AI. Even though this company’s activities are quite diverse, one of their biggest accomplishments was achieved through a partnership with Google. Since 2014, DeepMind helps Google’s data centers, containing thousands of servers, to reduce energy consumption. How do they achieve this? As they explain on their website, “by building an AI system that manages data centre cooling more efficiently, we helped save around 30% of the energy needed”.

4. Hummingbird Technologies

Fertilization waste within the agricultural sector is another big pillar affecting climate change. According to research, mismanagement can have negative impacts on the environment as well as on human health. To remedy this on-growing issue, Hummingbird Technologies uses drones and AI to help farmers “monitor, verify and report on-farm sustainability practices and outcomes”, according to their website.

5. Pano AI

This company, based in San Francisco, uses AI to manage wildfires. It should come of no surprise to hear that climate change, as well as land management, have an impact on increasing wildfires across the globe. Not only that, but wildfires then release CO2 into the atmosphere, as well as other pollutant substances. Pano AI helps landowners, insurers and other asset managers to “improve response and mitigate risk” by detecting, confirming, monitoring and alerting these same people. For more information, read their website.

Humans have not only realized how much harm their corporate activities have had over the course of the years and centuries, but are slowly discovering a new way of making business by contributing into society. The mindset shift has been massive. “How do we make money?” has turned into “how do we make money to further develop our technologies and therefore support our societies and planet?”.

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