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Innovation has become paramount when it comes to staying relevant in any given industry and innovating through startups is one of the best ways to do so. Everything that comes in between scouting for a perfect startup and potentially acquiring it – like discovering what they do, sharing technology and ideas, and even partnering – represents a costly but worthwhile procedure. Novable is here to bridge the gaps in the whole process and save time for its clients.

Find out more about the startup screening process. Connect with the best startups to drive corporate innovation and growth. You can book a demo by selecting a date and we’ll make sure that you get immediate results from the time you invested.

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What is startup scouting?

Startup scouting is part of the corporate venture engagement. More specifically, it is the process of identifying, evaluating, and selecting the best startups to work with. The purpose is to ensure that the right startups will enter your radar in due time. 

startup scouting for corporate innovation

Startup screening journey

Collaboration for Corporate Innovation
  1. Enter a search briefing using natural language, and let yourself be guided until you receive a ranked list of relevant startups based on your needs and requirements. 
  2. Have your personal scouting butler at hand for anything: your Novable Agent will help and guide you throughout your scouting journey, quality-check what you get, curate and vet startup candidates, and validate them upon your criteria and requirements.
  3. The Google for Startups – only better. Explore the Novable database of 2+ million innovative companies worldwide with any topic or language, and get instant results from the full startup context.
  4. Get detailed, non-public information about any company with a click of a button within two days: Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks), People (founders, managers, etc.), or Business (finance, funding, USP, verticals, etc.). 

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  • Our objective is to know where we, and our technology, stand within the market. Novable helps us to map the current technology landscape out.

    Laurent Delhalle
    Senior Research Scientist, Realco
  • Novable was quite impressive on its way to collect specific companies, specialised in NFTs, which was in scope with my search criteria and did this very rapidly.

    Damien D'Ostuni
    Damien D'Ostuni
    Head of Innovation, Wavemaker Belgium
  • The results provided by the platform are efficient and relevant. Additionally, the startup scouting tool has well-designed ergonomics and features. A big part of our great relationship has to do with the very good support of the team, too.

    Jean-Philippe Boisvert
    Research Programs & Partnerships, Etex Building Performance
  • The pharmaceutical industry requires constant innovation. We need to find the right thing to develop and do it on time. Novable helps us to be more efficient in these tasks.

    Jeff Tonnar
    Innovation Manager, Laboratoire Aguettant
  • Novable found 75% of companies identified by our consultant – and of course a lot more!

    Emily R.
    Global Scouting Manager - Corporate Development
  • Our partnership with Novable ensures us a constant flow of innovative companies and feeds our teams with new ideas.

    Robert M.
    Innovation Manager