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AI alone can’t solve everything in life. We need more, especially when it comes to innovation and strategy. Our mission is to connect you with the most relevant startups out there, and we commit to do whatever it takes to meet your expectations, thanks to our startup scouting services, combining technology and expertise. 

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AI-powered Startup Scouting with Novable

Your dedicated
Novable Agent

Novable is not a search engine, nor a database. It’s an enterprise-grade scouting technology delivering top-quality results based on your specific requirements. As such, every Novable client has a dedicated Novable Agent to onboard teams on the platform, to guide them through the intricacies of innovation and startup scouting, and to provide all support needed at any time.

AI-powered Scouting
AI-powered Startup Scouting platform Novable

Tailored Scouting Campaigns

Specific or complex scouting campaigns managed by your Novable Agents and team. From first briefing sessions to first engagement steps, we will leverage the DeepMatching™ technology to deliver you with long- and short-lists of pre-checked startups, including interviews with founders, growth and potential evaluation, and personal introductions to startups through personalised Demo Days.

Interactive OnePagers

In-depth information package about startups you select from your Golden Baskets. Novable gathers non-public information about the company, runs analysis about business models, USPs, products and services, competition and stakeholders, including a direct contact with entrepreneurs with an exclusive video pitch. One Pagers are delivered on the Novable Platform and on shareable documents.

AI-powered Startup Scouting with Novable
Novable on AI-powered Startup Scouting

Bespoke Reports & Workshops

Intrigued or curious about a specific innovation topic? Innovation Reports give an overview of a given innovation theme through the prism of startups active in the field that are the most representative of the trend and its variations. Reports include the commented presentation of relevant startups, by Novable Agents and recognised experts from our network.

Deep-dive sessions about specific innovation themes. Discovery Workshops are tailored innovation seminars digging into specific topics, surfacing trends, opportunities, threats, and introducing some representative startups in the field. Unlike Innovation Reports, Discovery Workshops are prepared along with you.

Startup Relationship Management tool (SRM)

Forget spreadsheets, manual tasks, and long meetings. Manage stakeholders, startup search, and decisions from one smart platform in a few simple steps. Novable provides you with a Startup Relationship Management tool to make your corporate venturing activities simpler, easier and centralised.


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