Corporate Venture

Ensuring a constant deal flow of relevant startups aligned with an investment thesis is not the only reason why investors, VCs, corporate venture capital funds and accelerators work with Novable; they also use our technology to receive insights, signals and alerts about their portfolio’s environment, or to landscape a given location, topic or ecosystem, catching the information they need to underpin their decision-making process – and sometimes find the hidden nugget nobody noticed before.

  • Receive alerts when new startups fall into your investment thesis
  • Monitor each of your invested startup’s competititive environment, and bring insights during board meetings
  • Map out a given topic, domain, technology or location
  • Feed your thoughts with related materials
Curious about how can Novable help you build a constant deal flow?

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deal flow sourcing

Enter a search briefing using natural language, and let you be guided until you receive a ranked list of relevant startups based on your needs and requirements: it’s your Golden Basket.

Browse your list and decide at a glance whether it’s a fit – or not (bye bye long tables with piecemeal data), follow companies, request lookalike searches, train your AI for even better further results – and more.

The new way of browsing innovation is here.

Novable Startup Scouting Platform

Your Artificial Consultant

Since innovation requires details, nuances and some complexity, the Novable Platform takes your search briefings very seriously. In a couple of straightforward steps, the computer catches it all to properly understand all components and their relative weighting, just like a consultant would do in a meeting room. 

The result? A better matching rate delivered at the speed of light – and quality-checked on top by our expert team, with all required confidentiality and data security measures taken.

Novable Startup Scouting Platform

Small things making
your life easier

Focus on what matters

Activity-based data first: mentions in news, tweets, website snapshot, key topics, but also financial data. Everything you need to take a swift decision.

Train your own AI model

Machine learning at work. Tag your results to improve further deliveries. The more you tag, the less you will tag (our Novable Agents can do that for you). 

Share, Follow, Favorite

Take action on the best companies: share with colleagues, save for later, follow them and be notified of any future activity. A toolbox to prepare for engagement.


An overview of all active campaigns with key metrics and metadata – the launchpad of your innovation scouting activities and channel to your Novable Agent.

A growing database of
enterprise-ready innovations

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new companies added per month (average)
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