Looking for innovative startups?

Do you have an innovation or startup scouting project right now? Are you in need of new ideas, technology and partners that could improve your product? Do you need quick and precise results?

The Starter Plan is here just for that:

  • Find the most relevant startups based on your briefing
  • Delivery within 2 days with a human-guaranteed quality
  • Full support all the way
  • Access to many more scouting features

What you'll get

1. A Tailor-made Campaign

What is a Campaign? A Campaign is not just a simple search. A Campaign, specifically defined by your needs, is an iterative process of finding the best startups.

2. Novable Agent Support

Who are the Agents? Although AI technologies have come a long way, they’re only the first part of the process. That’s where our scouting experts come into play, guaranteeing the quality of the AI’s results by providing their insights.

3. Fast Delivery

Why pick Novable over a specialised scouting team? Novable has an edge over traditional scouting teams. Instead of a normal 4-8 week scouting period, Novable delivers the first full batch of results in 2 days.

AI-powered Startup Scouting with Novable

4. Many More Features


You might not find what you’re looking for right away, and that’s okay. We’re going to iterate over your Campaign, until you find what you need – at no extra cost!

Real-time Search

Need quick results or you just want to see what’s under the hood? Real-time search is like Google for startups, only better.

2M Companies

As the number of companies is growing by day, so is the number of features, giving you the best possible insights in order to make the right decisions.

How much?

Starter Plan – €2,000

Running heavier scouting activities? We have PRO and CORPORATE plans.
Contact us to know more.

A Proven Platform

Novable is not a concept nor just a simple consultancy. Novable is a functional AI-powered platform, trusted by innovation managers from industry leaders.