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Laurent Kinet


Laurent Kinet is co-founder and CEO, focussing on the corporate strategy, high-level partnerships and business development, putting his long-lasting entrepreneurship experience at work for Novable.

Sailing in international environments, Laurent’s work is at the crossroad of innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital and corporate finance. He considers himself as a Venture Builder; he likes turning bold ideas into businesses, by contributing with strategy, operational management or money.

His track record is made of investments in technology-driven ventures, in which he brought either equity, or time – or both. His endeavours led him through web design, social media, social software, digital business, digital publishing, Data Science/AI, Blockchain, HRTech and Audiovisual.

During those years, Laurent Kinet has been progressively building a practice in strategy, innovation, management, corporate finance and M&A, put at work through his private fund Klow Partners, active in venture capital investment and startup incubation.

After 20+ years working in the fields of technology, innovation and startups, he’s now leading an AI-based startup scouting technology venture:

Some universities/high schools also hire Laurent’s expertise for lectures and conferences. Ah, and beyond that, he’s a wild traveler and a published author (novels, humour) – dedicate all his time to writing is his ultimate goal.