5 innovative solutions to energy efficiency

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Energy efficiency refers to using particular tools or devices with the purpose of consuming less energy. This concept can be pulled together with energy conservation. This is associated with the act of using less energy to save money and lessen the impact on the environment. It entails using less gas, electricity, or any other energy source that you purchase from your utility company. Same goal, different approach.

Since our planet has limited energy supplies, it is advantageous for us individuals and larger energy systems to actively save energy whenever we can. Adding up to this, we have to take into consideration the energy crisis we are currently living through.

Therefore, in this article we would like to present 5 innovative tech startups, identified by the Novable Agents, working to bring energy efficiency to the next level. The Novable database has always your back, no matter the topic!

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1. S2G Energy

S2G Energy provides value by assisting businesses in increasing their water and energy consumption efficiency. As a direct consequence, companies save money and lessen their environmental impact. The system allows control and constant operations improvement, using IoT sensors, the cloud, and data analytics.  

The Energy Assistant solution makes it possible to centralise resource data and device management from virtually any source, creating a straightforward route to seize efficiency possibilities through useful insights and intelligent control. It benefits commercial and industrial businesses in terms of cost reductions and reliable sustainability outcomes.

2. IOT Solutions

IOT Solutions has created a software tool providing an overall assessment of energy consumption and need. The solution, allmy.energy, also offers intelligent control that can be accessed immediately from a pc, iPad, or phone. By implementing allmy.energy, you will get a quick and simple overview of power usage and reactive effect, down to the hourly level. Therefore, you will be able to quickly pinpoint peak energy and effect consumptions for your company.

Moreover, you can compare year over year, week over week, and so forth. This will give you a complete perspective of the overall cost structure. They are also planning to add a new feature that will allow users to switch electricity providers directly. The lowest-priced energy provider will subsequently be identified based on your actual usage patterns.

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

3. Nusantera

Nusantera offers software-related services, such as mobile apps and integrated dashboards. Their slogan? “Every Spark Counts”. It reflects the impact of innovative solutions on society’s progress. The product developed by the Nusantera Team is called Valvoa. 
Valvoa is an app and online platform which integrates several devices in order to control and optimise buildings’ operations. In particular, it relates to:

  • Electricity. Energy consumption can be monitored in real-time and in any location with a clip-on gadget. Users can manage their usage based on thorough data, spot errors, and receive analytical recommendations to boost productivity or maximise savings potential.  
  • Water. Users may track flow, level, and changeover times by being aware of pump and tank actions.
  • Environment and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Users can control the environment to improve comfort for people and efficiency for machines. They can gather information on temperature, humidity, and gas to make adjustments keeping sensitive areas in the best conditions or prevent natural disaster consequences.

4. Dexma Energy Intelligence

Dexma Energy Intelligence offers a Data-Driven Energy Intelligence platform, which is divided into:

  • DEXMA Detect. Users get saving pieces of advice based on actual energy expenditure without requiring hardware installation or on-site assessment.
  • DEXMA Analyse. Only real-time data can reveal your entire energy footprint. Thanks to this feature, you can track and examine any factor influencing energy consumption.
  • DEXMA Optimise. Users are able to identify abnormalities, scale their workflow, and automate their energy management process.

5. Sensix

Sensix developed a patented technology supported by excellence in engineering, systems thinking, human-centred design, and environmental responsibility. The team’s ultimate goal is technology innovation. They provide two main solutions:

  • The Sensix ambient device, which is especially useful to businesses that rely on tight environmental setups, such as warehouses and office buildings. It ensures a perpetual environment audit that is always available on the Sensix platform.
  • The Sensix energy device is appropriate for large-scale industrial buildings like factories and manufacturing establishments. Mass production activities make it particularly relevant to predict and improve energy consumption because it will turn into important cost reduction.

Energy efficiency is crucial for many reasons. Energy-saving solutions can help you save money, raise your property value and protect the environment all at once. Start with small steps and you will be proud of the positive impact generated by your actions!

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