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Corporate venturing has multiple purposes.
Novable crafts the technology to optimise results depending on
the use case your campaign is referring to.
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and collaborate with startups

Any business on earth needs to monitor the business landscape, to stay aware of the latest developments in one’s industry, to anticipate trends, moves or disruptions on the horizon, and to identify and watch one’s competition.

partnership  co-creation  new-product  collaboration  problem-solving


startups disrupting or inspiring your industry

Partnerships and collaboration with startups are often the first engagement steps taken by large companies. This can be followed with CVC or M&A at a later stage. Companies also turn to startups to fix a specific problem, to test a new technology, or to co-create a new product, service or business model.

competition inspiration disruption monitoring watchtower strategy information


in startups matching your investment thesis

Corporations act as venture capitalists (CVC), investing the company’s extra cash in startups. The investment thesis is generally inspired by the business, the industry or the company’s set of values. This activity is processed through an external corporate venture fund, and startups may benefit from internal resources. CVC can be a first step before M&A.

CVC labs hackathon funds investments VC ROI


startups feeding your growth strategy

M&A, plain and simple, is led by corporate development teams, heads of M&A, strategy offices or other dedicated departments. This use case is probably the most documented in business literature, although it is very specific when it comes to acquiring a startup (in which case the M is much less relevant than the A).

M&A acqui-hire diversification speedboat technology competition


Use case distribution

How are the four identified use cases distributed amongst our clients so far?

Nearly half of all briefings Novable received so far are related to collaboration and partnerships, to test new technologies, to co-create new products or services, to fix a specific problem, or as a first step before going deeper with investment or M&A.