Professional Startup Sourcing Services

Artificial + Human Intelligence
combined to deliver you with
perfect-fit startups

A 2-week
startup sourcing project introducing you to interesting and interested startups

When it comes to startup scouting, your most valuable currency is… time. It’s likely you spend most of it researching and analysing bad candidates. The Novable technology helps you with that, delegating the most tedious part of the process to the machine. 

If you have little time or don’t want to bother with the technology yourself, just leave it to Novable agents, who will draw out the best of it and curate the most relevant candidates for you – all within 14 days.

Startup Sourcing 14-day process

1. Gather all campaign requirements

2-hour meeting

Kick-off meeting

We explore together your strategic innovation needs in details, as well as your campaign requirements (geographies, financials, culturals, exclusions). The result is a text-based briefing that your dedicated Agent will run through.

2. First tech run


Golden Basket

Our technology delivers a first result list, called the Golden Basket, picking out and ranking 50 to 100 startup candidates. We do not bother you with that list at this stage.


3. Train the algorithm


Tagging & Refining

Based on the Golden Basket, our team tags each of the results based on the briefing you provided. Only when a doubt occurs will your agent need to contact you to clarify.


4. Get a first shortlist



A shortlist of startups (between 5 and 40, depending on your campaign requirements) is generated from further technology iterations based on tagging sessions. This shortlist is provided to you through your preferred channel (PDF report, Excel file or web interface).

5. Review shortlist candidates

You work

Shortlist Review

You review the shortlist based on the contextual information we provide.

6. Select finalists

You work

Final Selection

The goal is to choose the final selection (usually between 3 and 10 startups). You give us your selection via e-mail or online meeting (if any specific feedback is necessary).

7. Contact startups


Reach-out Sessions

We make contact on your behalf (anonymously or not, depending on your request) with the selected startups, reaching out to founders, entrepreneurs or managers in order to acquire more information and initiate a potential introduction with your company.

8. Wrap-up the job

1-hour meeting

Wrap-up & Mission Report

Online meeting to wrap up the startup sourcing mission, present the final report and schedule introduction meetings.

9. The right startups coming your way

You work

Introduction meetings

We set up introduction meetings for you, and we quietly close the boardroom doors to let you guys go ahead with the next steps.

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