A 2-page report
about a specific startup
delivered in 24 hours

one-pagers report - Startup scouting

OnePagers are AI+human powered reports gathering a comprehensive set of data and insights about a specific company, including notes on technologies, business model and USP

When it comes to startup scouting, your most valuable currency is… time. Our AI-powered algorithms have matched the company with your briefing based on their semantic proximity. When reviewing your Golden Basket, you find a startup that triggers your interest or curiosity, and you would like to know more about it, with no effort.

You can require a One Pager on a click of a button. This will trigger one of our Novable Agents, and 24 hours later, a 2-slide report will be delivered on your account. 

What’s included in One Pagers? Browse the full list below.


One Pagers Content

Startup scouting - A one pager report of the startup


Factual data:

  • Brand name
  • Company name
  • Company short description
  • Logo
  • Social accounts
  • Founded year
  • HQ country
  • Postal address
  • Company e-mail
  • Sales figures
  • Total funding
  • Management team
  • Awards
  • Partnerships
  • Customers

And expert statements on:

  • Technology
  • Ecosystem role
  • USP


Expert statements on:

  • Business model
  • Use cases addressed
  • Verticals addressed
  • Key service offering
  • Personal/client problem
  • Optionally: Novable Expert note


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