A Smart Delegation to the Machine

Novable is an AI-powered technology that uses the most advanced NLP and machine learning techniques to match our customers’ innovation strategies with startups worldwide that fit requirements from a plain-text briefing. You will learn more about our technology in our Whitepaper.

A dedicated AI working for your specific cases

You don’t use a common matchmaking technology used by all other customers: your briefings generate personalised models that tailor results to the specifics of your unique search cases. They become your algorithms.

Hidden gems unearthed

AI doesn’t care about sectors and segmentations. NLP finds its way into every space where innovation lies, using a sector-agnostic approach to browse the widest startup database ever and detect early gems before anyone else, picking them out of crowded fields.

Real-time notification and alerts

Startups are born, evolve and die quickly. Each time a change occurs, your campaign results adapt and you are notified.



Engagement options

Stay anonymous by asking Novable to get in touch with entrepreneurs through DDAs, or send data to your CRM or deal flow management software. You can also request other cool features like a cultural fit analysis or a startup valuation.

Save hundreds of hours of tedious work disqualifying bad candidates

Studies show that 80% of the time spent by corporate development teams is dedicated to disqualifying bad candidates (through one-by-one research from long lists). Now is the time to let computers do that hard work and leave the human beings to thinking and decision-making.

Aiming at an exhaustive reach

Startups do not register themselves with Novable. We register them automatically, picking them up from hundreds of data sources. Our ASD is growing every day, and we aim to reach exhaustivity soon.

More than just firmographics

Companies are not investment funds: they need insights into startups’ actual activity from the outset. Our matches are based on context-based, real-world information, not simply on declared firmographics.

Novable is here to help

Don’t have time? Don’t want to bother with an online interface and tagging? Not a problem. Novable offers professional startup sourcing services to leverage the technology by running the campaigns for you.

More to come

The Novable technology roadmap is full of exciting features to be released in the future. See product roadmap.

Discover all this in action

in a private 30-minute session
A non-exhaustive list of features
  • Plain English briefings
  • Favorite Startups
  • Startup Recommendations
  • Team-based accounts
  • Semantic analysis of briefings
  • Dedicated Novable Agent
  • Follow Startups
  • Filters
  • Share Startups with colleagues
  • Industry news*
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Deep-Dive Analysis
  • Startup Contextual Information Panel
  • Software Integrations
  • Professional Startup Sourcing Services
  • Gamified tagging features
  • Structured Backlog
  • Activity feed*
  • Partners integrations
  • See Product Roadmap