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The right startups coming your way. Novable is an AI-powered startup scouting engine that understands your unique strategy and finds the most relevant companies that match your particular needs within seconds.

In today’s fast-paced business world, no one would contest the critical importance of innovation in a company’s life cycle. And rightly so: we are talking about a matter of survival. 

Companies now understand the critical role of startups in the global innovation endeavour.

Startups give a glimpse of the future

Startups may well be the best future-prediction engine ever developed. Innovation comes from small, agile organisations, from people taking risks and pushing boundaries forward. Startups are disrupting whole industries and changing the business landscape forever, as this article explains. Since 2010, over 21,800 startups have exited worldwide for a total deal value of about US$1.2 trillion.

Corporations have long understood that turning to startups is now a mandatory exercise and a major component of their innovation arsenal. In future we can expect to see even more partnerships and collaborations taking place between corporations and startups, as 80% of corporates are interested in knowing more about startups and pursuing a professional relationship with them. A concept born in the eighties, corporate venturing is now seeing an unprecedented rise. 

Provide us with a briefing, our AI does the rest

Forget keywords and taxonomies: the best targets will come from a perfect match between your complex strategies and the startups’ real activity. Our matchmaking engine is called DeepMatching™ 

Using data science and NLP, your briefing is transformed into mathematical formulas and instantly matched with startups worldwide whose contextual information meets the same semantic topics.

Released on Q1 2021

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